6 Ways to Level Up Your Career

Helen Anderson on January 14, 2019

This is not a post about tech skills. I'm not going to tell you about a new framework, library or exciting development. This post is about some ... [Read Full]
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This was a great post! I need to adopt your practice of limiting my professional development time — I tend to get hyper-focused on learning (e.g. going down the rabbit hole of clicking on supporting articles/tutorials) that I lose track of time and then it's 4am lol.

Thanks for this :)


Helen: Excellent points!

I would like to add another one which could help others and that is to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team members.

Why ?

  1. It gives an idea of who you should delegate your task to if you need to
  2. It Allows you to find a niche to excel in within the team (Everyone can't all be good at the same thing otherwise there is no point of a team 🙂)

That's a good call. My team are doing a DISC profile session with some of the internal trainers soon to cover our work styles, how we prefer to communicate and the kind of work we enjoy. I was really surprised the last time we did this exercise how different we were and how we prefer doing different things.


That sounds awesome. I wish more companies did that!

I found it really useful last time we did it so I'm looking forward to the session.

I was in a different team at that point with fewer people. Once I realised that one of my colleagues enjoyed doing all her thinking by brainstorming as a group and I prefer to start work on a project when there is a rough plan and more structure we started getting on great.

She stopped inviting me to workshops where she would talk through ideas and I would get to give her my opinion when she had an idea of where she wanted the project to go.


A lot of the soft skills around our industry are overlooked, yet they play an integral part of how we work. Thanks for outlining them.


Thanks Chris, I agree, it’s easy to get caught up in the technical skills and what new tools are being released. Building leadership and team culture is just as important


Great post, all six points are solid.

"Teach" and "Lead" stand out to me as super valuable.

I'm a big fan of the idea that you learn the most by sharing and teaching others, and taking the lead even when you don't have 100% of the answers yet.

Here's what I always want to tell junior developers: there's no minimum skill level that you need before you can teach others. Start a learning journal and share what you're learning right now!


That’s excellent advice.

The graduate program at my workplace has a round of lightening talks by the grads each time they finish a rotation. I think it’s really valuable for everyone to do this kind of exercise to see how far they’ve come while reinforcing learning


Awesome post. These are really great points and they help to remind everyone that it isn't all about technical skills to advance. It is really is more about how you interact with your team / stakeholders / fellow employees that is the kind of asset which will propel you to new levels.


Excellent points and references Helen, this post should be used as a guide for onboarding as a developer, team lead or manager!


Thank you! That’s very kind. I’ll be posting it on my teams internal blog soon too.


Awesome post, I think having soft skills are important since most of the time your preforming in a team. Better you are the better you can be able to do stuff with it.

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