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Here's a short little list of mine.

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P.S. Its' still Thursday here in Canada for another good 15 mins when I posted this 😜


Love it.

It's 4pm Friday in NZ, I tried to make it as close to the end of my day to let other folks catch up :D


Hi Andrew,

I'm curious to learn how you manage to have the "card" of the devs into a post?

Thanks! Awesome list!


It's a liquid tag, here is a list of them all

{% user aschwin %}

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Nice, good tip!

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I'm looking for other good C# and .NET contributors. Recommendations welcome!


πŸ‘‹ I do C#/.NET posts amongst other things - I have one cooking at the moment about maximising performance in .NET, hopefully will publish in 6-8 weeks soon.


A lot of what I post is on general software quality, but the more code-oriented posts are typically in C# and/or TypeScript with an occasional bit of F# thrown in.

My focus is generally about making software and teams better, but expect some fun Angular and AI posts here and there.


I only post F# stuff, turns out that's my gateway drug into .NET :-)

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On other side, I have started to blog about libraries I have used, bugs I have found and in general, about my learning process. You may find something useful in there


I've just joined a few days ago, but I'm posting c# and Sql server. If they are good on not - decide for yourself...


I post mainly about C#, .NET, ASP.NET and other related things.
Also some ocasional ramblings about other stuff πŸ˜›


I think I need to follow more writers on DEV 😁, but here's two I've been reading recently...

Matt Eland has been writing a blog series on Software Quality that I've been enjoying.

Ali Spittel posts a nice mix of social and technical posts.


I'm likely to keep on writing about quality, but expect other topics of note as well - Angular, .NET, artificial intelligence, and general management / leadership / software engineering posts.

At its core, I tend to come back to improving quality of software and teams.


I write about both full stack development and about the remote software engineer lifestyle. I think it's a really nice balance that makes my content always feel nice and fresh. Give me a follow :)


I regularly write React, CSS, JS and webdev related articles and I post regularly about my personal projects, general tips & tricks, and other stuff. I enjoy a discussions and knowledge sharing.

Feel free to follow and thank you.


Mark Story (@mark_story on Twitter) is heavily involved in the CakePHP project and usually has some pretty interesting things to say.


I just joined and I loved it. I write Android, Kotlin or Java articles. If anyone interested free to follow.

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I’ve recently found out about them and they post really enjoyable content.


I promote myself 😁

I'm working a lot with angular / typescript (and sometimes also writing about those xD) so if you interested in those topics, leave a follow πŸ˜…


Not a single user, but the AppSignal group often posts good Ruby/Elixir content and I'm not saying that because I sometimes write for them too:

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Kel is an extremely experienced developer with a great perspective on a ton of dev related topics. And they love cookies... πŸͺWho doesn't love cookies?


If you're interested in ClojureScript, Andrew has a great series going:

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I would recommend following you, with an 18% follow back to the original follower.

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oh its me :o just kidding !

Me. Everyone follow me because I am better than you. I will not share the knowledge straight away tho coz you know, skill lakes are pollutable. πŸ˜ƒ

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