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Awesome Javascript visualizations:

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It's Nick Taylor for me right now. He's so active here and writes great stuff.

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Also, as Andreas said, Lydia. After giving us awesome articles on Medium/freeCodeCamp and Instagram, she's here writing JS behind the scenes!

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Also Ahmed has only 2 posts written but they're worth reading for devs. Waiting for more content from you Ahmed :)

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Of course, Andreas too:

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Okay, just one more 😂, I've been a subscriber of Ilona for months now, she also write great stuff here now:

Annnnddd.....here's another great DEV:

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Brob is a great resource for all things JAMStack

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I've found so useful his javascript articles:

I recommend also to follow his tweets too !


I was really impressed by how thorough his JavaScript Articles are

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Classic DEV Post from Jul 30 '19

What's your favorite question to be asked?

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