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Nevertheless, Helen Anderson Coded

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I’m a woman and I am not afraid to speak up in meetings.
I’m a woman and I am not your lesser.
I’m a woman and I am not a tomboy.
I’m a woman and I am not the one who does the administration.
I’m a woman and I am not afraid to lead the team.
I’m a woman and I am not a problem to be solved.
I’m a woman and I am not just trying to impress the guys.
I’m a woman and I am not a damsel in distress.
I’m a woman and I am not a man hater.
I’m a woman and I am not intimidated by a male dominated industry.
I’m a woman and I am not the only one responsible for encouraging more women to join the industry.
I am a woman and I want to be respected for my accomplishments before my gender is mentioned.

I am a Woman.

I work in Tech.

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You're a woman I'd consider a friend of sorts. It's an honor to share similar hobbies and intensities in communicating things we care about.


Thanks Matt, it's been great getting to know you over the last few months and following your progress. Congratulations on the new role, looking forward to hearing more as you get going.


I love this.

You are a women your feelings are valid.


I appreciate your voice in this community 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏


Stevie Ray Vaughan once said I may be white, but I ain't stupid.

Personally, I find Misogyny just as stupid as Racism.

What you are is not what your body is, but what your mind is.


You are an inspiration. A leader. A guru of all things data, aws, sql, databse. We all appreciate the person you are and the value that you bring to the community!


This is great. We still have more stumbling blocks to move away.


Incredible and inspiring post, Helen — this is really well-written, it's poetry! And I hope it sinks in for all those reading. Thanks so much for sharing!


I dont understand why we need to box everyone in to some kind of category, whether is be sex, religion, etnicity or otherwise. The idea is we judge people on their own merits regardless and I hope we can start focusing on the individual and leave the identity grouping ideology


Hey Rolf, exactly right! Women and people of color are constantly struggling to be identified by their merits rather than their moniker, and its up to us to challenge those in power who put women in a box marked 'pay less' or 'admin' and demand that those women be only be identified by the output like you and me!

Good to see your support, too many men try and use platforms like this to air their frustration with their own privilege rather than see that the problem is bigger than themselves. Good stuff buddy!


When someone starts a comment with

I don't understand why...

And your first response is to mock them instead of respond with something thoughtful and helpful, maybe you're the problem.

I can't pretend to know what is in people's hearts, but assuming the worst motivations instead of the best is not a great way to start a meaningful conversation.

We should all try to be kinder and more charitable.

Read me other reply and you'll understand where I agree and where I disagree. There's no mocking coming into it, there's different points of view.

My message was meant for ronsoak, not you.


I think we agree we need to look at capability regardless, but I dont agree with the methods. Let me elaborate.

We're claiming in some cases people are being discriminated against because of a certain group identity (sex, etnicity etc.), then what you and others are proposing is to create other groups and push them forward and you regard a certain other group as "privileged".

We're applying old thinking to try and solve the problem. As Einstein has already wisely said:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Therefore we need to get rid of the idea there are groups to begin with and start with the appreciation of the individual instead.
What happens on this site and what is the thinking you apply is counterproductive to what we want to achieve, we want to achieve that everyone gets equal consideration regardless of who they are or identify as.

My request to all of you and to, stop the group think and promote the individual.

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