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What I like to say about Dev:

Came to Dev.to because of its color scheme and funny images, stayed for Ben Halpern.

But on a more serious note:

dev.to meme

THANK YOU to the community for making awesome content!


Reading list over 9000 indeed 😂😂😂


Thanks to cheerleader @katnel20

katnel20 image

She spends a lot of time in the Welcome threads greeting everyone with cheerful messages!

OMG!! That is soooooo sweet of you to say that. Rah Rah (with a split) to you! 😊

Everybody here on DEV have been so supportive and friendly. It's such a great community and I'm really proud to be a part of it.

While I'm here, I'd like to make my own personal shout out to @michaeltharrington our Community Coordinator who keeps the content looking so great on a daily basis by weeding out the abusers.


Thank ya so much, Katie! 😀

And a serious thanks to you and all the other folks that take the time to send in reports when you notice abuse! (Here's a handy link for anyone who wonders how reporting abuse works.)

Speaking of, I gotta give a shout out to our Community Mods & Tag Mods — we're so lucky to have help from so many awesome people!

And just to call out a specific DEV team member who has been a huge help from day 1 for me — @andy , thanks so much for being my mentor in "Support" land, offering advice on how to handle different reports and inbound emails, while also continuing to build out tools & features that make the DEV community safer and an all around a super pleasant place to be!

andy image

Thanks to everyone for being a super cool community!


What a cool idea! There's a lot of people worth thanking here, but I really want to give a big shout out to three awesome doods who have always inspired me to be a better person, not just a programmer.

ben image

@ben At this point, it goes without saying that these people have created a community far beyond than just a mere "information-sharing site". I want to thank you, Ben, in particular, for inspiring me to pursue a career beyond the temptations of a pay-check. Through DEV, you and the DEV Team have shown me, time and again, that there is more to programming than writing code. Thank you for showing me the value of teamwork, friendship, and enthusiasm for teaching in such a competitive industry. Moreover, I would like to thank you for being one of my #1 supporters. Ever since my first few weeks here in DEV, you have always motivated me to pursue writing by never failing to be among the first—if not the first—to read and react to my articles. It means a lot coming from you. Thank you for that. You have helped me gain a confidence in writing that I wouldn't have attained without your undying support.

sarthology image

@sarthology Hey, bro! I've never had the chance to tell you how much I appreciate your encouragement. You've always strove to push me into the world of open-source projects. Thanks to your welcoming light, you have helped me get the hang of contributing to codebases, even for tiny changes and such. You've taught me the value of contribution, no matter how small, because in the end, those little contributions add up into something greater. Anyway, thanks for nudging me in the right direction. You've been such a great friend.

codemouse92 image

@codemouse92 Hello there. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for being an earnest supporter of my writing and coding journey. Like Ben, you've helped me attain the confidence I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and improve myself. It is an honor to know that I have people like you who are willing to help me out in the long journey ahead of me in my software development career.


Wow, I was expecting this. But I must say that’s an owner. Just to tell you, you are one of the few people who have inspired me in 2019. You have great future ahead. Btw let’s reconnect again( if possible )😊


Ugh, I hate these because I know I'm going to miss some of the many amazing people I've met in the past year between here and Twitter.

I can't give enough thanks to @aspittel for writing this article and introducing me to Vue. I liked frontend before, but Vue made me absolutely fall in love with it.

As informative as all of @laurieontech 's articles are, this one in particular sticks with me because I remember reading it and thinking "Huh, neat. I wonder if I'll ever need this" and then using it less than a week later to fix a bug I found in my project 😅.

Then there's @lkopacz who not only introduced me to a11y, but also taught me a lot about self-care which helped me realize I was staring to head toward burning out far enough in advance that I could avoid it late last year (seriously can't thank you enough for this).

Y'all have been a consistent inspiration for me ❤


Thank you Tyler! That's so kind. I've loved watching all your contributions and chatting with you on the web :) You're a wonderful human.


😊 It's been so much fun getting into the community(s) (even if somewhat overwhelming at the same time)!

You're also an exceptional human, doing exceptional things! :D


Thanks @ben for creating this community.

ben image

Also @jess and @peter .

jess image
peter image

Oh, where to start?? There are so many awesome people on this platform, including the awesome DEV crew: @ben , @jess , @michaeltharrington , and @peter !

There are several authors who regularly challenge me and make me think; besides that, they're just altogether awesome human beings! It's always a pleasure to interact with them.

aspittel image

I've learned more than I can document from @aspittel about career growth, professional life, and the real daily struggles of women who code. When people ask me who to follow on DEV, she's always one of the first to come to mind.

vaidehijoshi image

@vaidehijoshi single-handedly deobfuscated the concepts behind graphs and trees for me. Her style and explanations are unparalleled. (Ever thought about putting together a Udemy course or five, Vaidehi?)

mortoray image

@mortoray is one of those guys that could easily leave me feeling inferior, except that just about every time I interact with him, I feel like a smart person that has just gotten smarter. I get excited every time I encounter a post or comment by him, because I know constructive rationality shall prevail! :D

scottshipp image

@scottshipp articles regularly challenge my perspective with fresh insight. Besides that, he's super friendly! I've hardly even noticed that we have very little technology overlap; so many of his articles are relevant to everyone.

I really don't know quite what it is about @kaydacode , but something about her way of approaching career topics seems to actively lower my blood pressure. Her style just seems to whisper "Hey, you've got this, don't worry." I nominate her for Positive Person Of The Year.


Love this thread!

I've only posted once since I became a member, it was when I needed help with a project I was working on although I am on here every day reading threads.

For my post I like to thank all the people that commented and tried to help me:


and especially @dorshinar who gave the simplest yet most effective answer which helped me solve my issue.

Thank you all and thank you DEV.

Keep up this great community!


Thanks to @jess @ben @peter , Its good idea and great platform for developers. Appreciate the whole team. 👍 , Before I came to know dev.to I was using stackoverlow.com, but here its more than questions and answers 😄. Just sharing how I came to know about this website. I came to know about dev.to through Google Search results , At first look, the UI was little fun to look at , it was like sticky notes made for developers. I was also interested in the amount information posted in the platform which was ONLY for developers growth. Was a anonymous user for 3 to 4 months, just browsing the website and gathering all good information posted here. Finally signed up on DEC 23. Finally thanks to all fellow DEV's for making great content. God bless you all. 😄


Shout out at:

bholmesdev image

Ben's posts are always well written and informative. Keep making great content Ben.

Also another shout out at:

andrewbrown image

Andrew is an AWS maniac and a really helpful. Gone out of the way to chat with me and even offer advice from time to time.


Well, I really like reading posts by Matt, Molly, Paul, Davyd and Helen. I've also enjoyed posts by other users as well, some already mentinoed here, some are not.

molly_struve image

fluffynuts image

helenanders26 image

Thanks Zohar! I really enjoy your posts too :D


I want to shout-out David Wickes:

gypsydave5 image

and Kasey Speakman:

kspeakman image

Both are for similar reasons - their articles are always thought-provoking and have taught me to more critically check my assumptions, and their presence in comment threads is always both kind and informative and push me to think harder. Good stuff!


I would like to thank the entire DEV Community for creating so much awesome content every day. I can literally comment, bookmark and like other's post all day!

For all the writers, and the people behind this platform: A BIG THANK YOU! Have a great day to anyone who's reading this. 😊


When I first joined the Dev community, Helen's articles always stood out to me. She was the only person I found that was writing super helpful content-filled articles relating to databases and related topics.

I guess it's no surprise she's now moderating those topics! Good job Helen!

helenanders26 image

Thank you to all the Dev.to contributors who make this such a valuable resource! I'd also like to thank my good friend florin pop for his contributions to the developer community! Well done.


Let’s thank Helen for all her A-Z articles !!


Thanks! Next one coming up really soon ... :D


This guy is a freak when it comes to maths and coding!
I kind of look up to him. ❤️ :v

josuerodriguez98 image

I love my mentor @brendapattersonseager . She's got mad .Net skills and always gives me helpful advice ❤️


thanks @aspittel for having a super inspiring personal website that eventually led me to finding out about the community here!


I want to thank you for making such a great impact on our developer community 💝


Heck, why stick with your team - let's say something good about anyone we know. Or maybe treat everyone like a team member.


That was the intention of the post, for anyone here on Dev to do a shoutout about anyone else on Dev. If you would like to expand that further please go for it :D

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