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SQL & Database Wrap Up - October 2020

helenanders26 profile image Helen Anderson ・2 min read

Hi! I'm Helen, one of your friendly mods looking after the #sql, #postgres, #mysql, and #database tags.

At the end of each month, I'll be showcasing some of the great posts, projects, and insights from the data community.

Our first post this month showcases the versatility of Google Sheets. The fact that everyone knows how to use a spreadsheet means they're great for smaller cross-functional projects where a non-developer might need to examine or edit data. Fantastic first post Jacob, welcome to Dev!

Next up, Kaylan from the HarperDB team takes us back to basics with SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL. Check it out for a bit of a history lesson and some thoughts on what's coming next.

Shelly then teaches us how to build a pipeline from scratch - starting with retrieving weather data from the OpenWeatherMap current weather web API, parsing the data using Pandas, and storing it in a local SQLite database. Welcome to Dev Shelly!

Next, Paras gives us a quick start guide for querying data in MongoDB. Stay tuned for the next post to learn more about evaluation and array operators.

Valerio then takes us through some tips and tricks to reduce the consumption of resources when dealing with large datasets, import/export processes, and data aggregation.

Nazli shares how to ingest and process live crypto-currency prices with Kafka and Spark Structured Streaming. This project also uses Docker to get set up using Spark, Kafka, Prometheus, and Zookeeper. Check out the article and Github repo for more.

To finish up the wrap up we have Codinghall with an introduction to ActiveRecord, the MVC (Model-View-Controller) model, and to bring it all together with a sporty example.

That's all for this month! For more from the Data Community check out the #sql, #postgres, #mysql, and #database tags, and follow @TheDatabaseDev on Twitter.

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Jacob Lee

Thanks for the feature, Helen! Excited to participate more with the community :)