Why a Database is like a Dance Class

Helen Anderson on February 20, 2019

When I'm not working on data, or blogging about data or thinking about data, I go to ballet class. It makes my brain work in different ways, it's v... [Read Full]
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I'm inspired to write "Why Microservices are like Polka Class."

I think you've started a trend.

And no, I don't do the polka.


I'm struggling to fit something to, "Why Bash is like the macarena".


Like I said, it's a new trend! Keep an eye out for many more of these on Dev.to πŸ˜‹


Poorly written bash is like the macarena, nobody understands a word of it, but it makes you contort in funny ways.


The mind boggles.

I’d help that get to the top 7 of the week.


If a relational db does ballet I can only assume a non-relational participates in freestyle.



The complete opposite end of the spectrum. Freestyle modern contemporary that I can’t get my head around at all.


I found myself smirking throughout the entire article lol. Well done.

At first, I thought you would have said "When I'm not working on data, or blogging about data or thinking about data, I go to sleep."

But I guess if that were the case, you wouldn't have written this post :P



I wonder what would happen if you sat your mates and teacher down and explained them SQL and databases through ballet :D


I'm tossing up whether this is going to hit the team blog at work tomorrow or if I skip over it for something a bit more serious.

I always post to Dev.to first to test the waters :)


My ballet friends just smile and nod when I talk data to them!


Kind of like yesterday evening when my flatmate saw my laptop open, me tapping away in the terminal, convinced I've broken my computer :O


I've been planning to write a "Why Programming Is Like Martial Arts" but thought it might be too silly. Now I'm definitely going to do it.


Haha, I think you've just unlocked a whole new movement!


I can't wait for the next part discussing replication and horizontal scaling.

Note to myself: If I ever take ballet classes, should I just jump to the advanced level?

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