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👉 12 Signs you must quit your job and search for another

Hello, users!👋

Today I want to share with you some signs that reveal you must leave your current job and seek for another one.

Have you ever felt so bad in your job, but you don't know if quitting would be a wise decision? You feel bad but you think things will get better, change or they'll start recognizing you/your value/your work over the time?

This may sound too harsh, but I beg you to stay with me, read all the signs and think about them, do you feel identified with them? Do you find some situations familiar?

I won't make this longer, let's get things right. 👇

→ You don't express your opinions or perspectives because you know no one will listen

We start talking big words.

The first red flag I always notice is when in my job I feel as if I was back to school, where no one would listen to me because they thought my opinion wouldn't matter a bit.

In a company, more specifically in a team with different professionals and perspectives, everyone's opinion matter and shall be listened to.

If you feel they never listen or take you seriously and you end up saying things just to yourself like "I think this should be done like this but I better say nothing because they won't listen", "I already found this problem before and know how to solve it, but they won't even try", "Already did this kind of project, but can't recommend anything because they never listen"...

Then you should reconsider why you're in a place where no one is giving you the right to express yourself and be considered as everyone else.

→ You're missing promises that were made before getting hired

This happens. A lot.

I remember one time when I was seeking a new job with a remote consideration because I needed to stay at home some days, and remote-working was a must for me.

I had 2 big interviews and rejected the one that could gave me a better salary because the other one could give me the possibility of remote-working.

When I arrived my first day, I sat on my desk, unpacked my things, signed the contract and the they told me "Ah, and about remote-working... Sorry, you won't get it yet".

We can't always imagine or guess when this could happen to us, but in case they lie to you, watch carefully, doubt everything and mind your business until you decide what to do next.

If I'd had to give you a strong advice... Find people that work for the company before considering accepting the offer, talk to them and ask them. You'll be surprised.

→ They(company/team) don't respect your previous experience in the field or similar fields

This also happens a lot.

One time I found myself as a Designer with 3 years of experience, specialist in UX/UI who worked for Smart Cities and the European Union and they still treated me as if I just started my career in many interviews and also in a job.

Not only they will try to pay you at a lower range, if you let them, they will make you feel as if you know nothing about what you're doing.

Don't forget what you've done and how you feel about your knowledge. If you feel they don't respect your skills or knowledge or play around as if your previous experiences doesn't matter, get away as fast as you can and don't look back.

No one knows your value more than you do, so value yourself and search for a place where many others do so, too.

→ They(company/team) get over you without logic or heavy reasons

If you've had a problematic boss/team leader that goes around making decisions just because he/she can, you'll know what I'm talking about.

As a UX/UI specialist my job is to make sure the products will be usable and accessible, however, I didn't had many bosses that actually listened to any of my suggestions and decisions in UX-UI and made fatal decisions just because they could.

If even when you're pointing out why you're building a project as you're doing and they don't give you any other reason to change what you're doing but Do as I say because I say so...

Run, run away Devforrest.
You're working for a walking ego.

If I learned something in these years is, when you change something is for a good reason. If there isn't a good reason there's nothing to change.

→ They(company) don't give you real projects

If after your first month they don't give you any real or client project, start searching something else.

We all have a beginning, that's for sure, and we must adapt to the different situations, new people, new processes... We all adapt at our own pace, but what's more important here are the opportunities they give us.

If your company/team has no opportunities for you, walk away. You won't get any valuable experience there, you won't be understanding how a real project/process is made.

You won't learn anything while creating sample projects or presentations, specially when you've done that a million times in other job experiences you've had (remember the 'they don't respect your experience/skills' sign...?).

If you must master or get used to a new technology of course you'll need time to learn and understand. If that's the case think twice, what would be an acceptable time for you to get started on how things are actually done where you're working?

→ They(company/team) often explain to you things that you already know

We know what we know and we know what we don't know.

If you see your coworkers or boss explain concepts you already know, even the more basic ones in multiple situations, maybe they think you're more unqualified than you actually are.

My most surrealistic situation was when a boss was "teaching me" some concepts I already knew (even when I told him I knew it), I had to correct him multiple times. He'd just say "Oh yes, you're right", but kept on with the full explanation.

One time, twice, even three times can happen. When you find yourself getting explained concepts you already know over again almost every day or even just twice a week... That points out to something else, that they're assuming you don't know what you know.

That's not so hard unless it impacts directly in your job and opportunities. If your boss thinks you're less qualified than you actually are, you won't get the same consideration as others. Reconsider it.

→ They(company/team) never recognize your work/value

There's something more satisfying that recognizing other people's work/attitude? Of course, others recognizing our work/attitude!

People we see for 40h/week may see things, attitudes or details in us that we don't know or ignore. Maybe we have really nice speaking or writing skills, or our code is really clean, or our presentations rock.

If you as a boss or team leader only have hard/bad words for your colleagues/employees, and never say the good things, everyone will disappear.

The same way, if you know you're doing a hard, good work, and you're not only not getting recognized by that but also they're only pointing out your mistakes and bad decisions, you won't grow up as a professional.

We choose a profession we're passionate about, with all we can do and with all others can do. This is a give&receive sector, and if you think otherwise you're probably wrong.

There are too many professionals out there willing to quit their jobs because they think they're just making bad decisions, don't join them. Search for a place that puts your value first, without ignoring your mistakes.

→ They(company/team) keep reminding you that "you're just getting started"

As said before (I don't like to repeat myself), we all have a beginning and we all have our own pace.

However, and trust me, after you've completed 1 year working in IT, you're ready to face every new challenge that comes near. You're not a beginner anymore.

Even after 6 months in a company, if they keep saying you're "just getting started" that's totally a big red flag to me.

You're "getting started" in your first month, maybe even until your 3rd month, but once you know exactly how things work and how to get things done... Don't let them make you think you're still at the beginning, because you've walked far in your path.

→ They(company/team) never answer your questions/petitions directly or clearly

There's one thing I want to make clear here. You can and actually must question whatever you please and of course you should expect a direct, clear answer. Don't feel scared of ask a petition or ask a doubt, never.

Remember when I get lied about remote-working, some points above? I let time pass but eventually I started asking for it, they knew I needed it and that I chose working with them because of that, but their answers were totally vague, without clarifying why I couldn't or when I could do remote-working.

If you don't have a clear, direct and fast answer for your petitions or questions... That's a bad thing, they're probably not taking you seriously or they don't think you needs are important.

You're not a slave and we all have a life, limited time and things to do. A waiting of days it's okay, a week it's acceptable/understandable, 3 weeks/a month? Probably you'll even forget what you were asking for.

→ You feel you're unlearning things

This is for me a key point.

Many things could happen to me, even the worst ones, but one that would definitely change my mind and make me leave a job would be this: unlearning things.

Can you actually unlearn in a job? Oh dear, indeed you can. And there we have another big red flag. If you've been in an important position or you've already worked with many professionals you're probably used to good habits at work.

Don't loose them, for God's sake, re-learning them and getting rid (again) of the bad habits will be a terrifying experience.

If you're working somewhere where there aren't good habits and there's no way to maintain them or trying to spread them, do it just for yourself, but don't let them go.

→ You feel you're not working "with", but working "for"

Probably the most important one.

In a job, you're working with. You're working with your colleagues, you're working with your boss, you're working with other departments... If you change "with" by "for" this won't work.

As said above, you're not a slave. You must be able to be taken seriously, be able to express your opinion and perspective, to be considered if you have a high expertise in the field or in a very close-related field. As a conclusion, to be treated like an equal, like a human being.

If you feel you're just following orders, you won't find anything valuable there. As Elsa wisely said, let it go.

→ They(boss/team) scream or verbally abuse you

Thank you Bob for suggesting this one!

We all probably had a boss or a manager who uses his/her power to scream or verbally abuse everyone under their "control". That's just unacceptable.

We don't have to deal with a power battle in any job, we don't deserve to be screamed at or verbally abused in any way. Even if it was "an innocent joke" making fun of you/your skills/your knowledge or they literally screamed and threatened you, quit, but above that, before you quit try to reach anyone who's superior to that person and show them how he/she is behaving.

I remember one day when my chair was broken and I had to go ask a new one to the boss of the logistic department. I went with one of my managers. This boss looked at me, his face went red and said "I'm not giving you a new chair, it's not that broken". I said that my back was hurting and that I had a Doctor's document saying I needed to change my work conditions (my chair), so he stood up, came to me and screamed "You don't know who I am, I've been working here more time than you do" and then went to his desk, put his headset on again and ignored us. My manager was as shooked as I was, but he just whispered "Sorry, we can't do more".

Was "I've been working here for more time than you" a good reason to deny my petition? No, but clearly this man had some kind of "God complex" deciding what to accept and what to reject.

Stay away from those.

In conclusion


How do you feel about those signs? Do you relate to any of them? Do you feel the same way? You found yourself in similar situations? Do you recognize any other sign?

Maybe you should think about who you are, how valuable your knowledge is, how good your work/attitude is, and start searching a good place for you to grow.

This is all for today, users.

Let's keep coding 💻!

Top comments (16)

benbot profile image
Benjamin Botwin • Edited on

That “unlearning” bullet hit me hard.

It wasn’t until I was 3 months in at a new job that I realized how much my old one made me lose, work ethic wise.

devingoble profile image
Devin Goble

I've been interested in work ethic lately. I work for a local government, and I am painfully aware of the (lack of) work ethic of my coworkers. I try as hard as I can to avoid slipping into that habit. However, I've been applying for jobs, and in all of the interviews so far, I've had the interviewers specifically ask questions about my ability to be productive with relation to my current employer. I feel like there's a stigma that I've got to overcome. It's discouraging.

helleworld_ profile image
Desiré 👩‍🎓👩‍🏫

Devin, I really hope you find a nice job and finally get somewhere you feel better.

Please don't give up, keep the good ethics, good opportunities take their time to appear and reach us.

All the best and good luck!

helleworld_ profile image
Desiré 👩‍🎓👩‍🏫

Totally agree, Benjamin.

Thank you for taking your time reading the article and for the response.

We must keep the good habits we learn no matter what, and stay away from falling in the easy habits (more than bad habits). All the best in this 2020!

mraubreycodes profile image
Aubrey Fletcher

This, so this... I have been dealing with that as I am taking a new project currently.

spqrbob profile image
Bob McCann • Edited on

I, too, think this is a great article. And like others of its kind, it is going to inspire a comment section filled with other people's red flags/hallmarks of your soon-to-be-former workplace. This comment will be no exception.

My number one red-flag, time to dust off the resume boss behavior is:

Shouting/screaming at employees. Any boss who styles himself (and it's almost always a him) as some kind of football coach or is just an egotistical, self-centered narcissistic prick who feels entitled enough to get away with this sort of behavior is a boss I will be getting away from myself as soon as possible. Having some overweight, ex-frat boy dudebro, faded football hero getting up in my face barely six inches away from me, red-faced, screaming at the top of his lungs because I forgot to put a cover letter on the TPS report again becomes someone that I have to physically restrain myself from making him a new hat out of the nearest monitor! I'm projecting again... I need to work on that more.

This kind of boss behavior may have been acceptable at some point in the last century, but it is 2020 now, and that sort of emotionally abusive verbal assault should be responded to with a quick call/e-mail to HR explaining how Captain A$$hat is creating a hostile work environment. Bonus points if you (or a friendly co-worker) were able to record one or several such of these type of encounters using the many tools of capturing audio and video at our disposal (laptop, cellphone, tablet, little $19.99 Amazon pinhole camera sitting on your bookshelf, etc.)

You give HR exactly one chance to correct the matter with permanence. Baby Boss doesn't necessarily have to be fired, but if he is not, you should be allowed to transfer to a new team completely outside of your former boss's influence. If neither of these scenarios transpire, just start answering some of the five to seven (or more!) headhunting recruiters who hit us all up in e-mail or on LinkedIn every week.

Keep on writing good pieces! I like your writing style!

helleworld_ profile image
Desiré 👩‍🎓👩‍🏫

Bob, so glad you read my article and that you bring your own red-flag!

Would you let me include it in the article itself? I never had that kind of boss, however I'm pretty sure they are so common...

PS thank you for the compliment! :)

spqrbob profile image
Bob McCann


Of course! I would be happy for you to use my red flag! Feel free to either just "cut and paste" or to rewrite it in your own words.

And yes, there is a whole class of boss that likes to manage by intimidation and fear, that does not hesitate to belittle and humiliate their underlings by berating them loudly in full sight and hearing of the poor victim's co-workers.

vinceramces profile image
Vince Ramces Oliveros

Great Article, There are a lot of red flags that I don't really know before knowing what a real world actually is... Starting from Job hunting to interviews and getting a job, then finally, quit. I have my own opinions and my shares about how I experience these signs that you might actually find a new job.

Proxy Messages

If ever, your supervisor just sent a message to your colleague just to pass it to you, means you are not valuable to them or their presence is not important to you.

I do remember that if you keep in touch to your supervisors/employers through chat messaging app. they'll most likely to be more acquainted and get even more faster response than doing their work.

I messaged my supervisor for an important and urgent answer. then before going home, he/she messaged me about my concern, which is already answered before.

Or even worse...

Hey Vince, X just messaged me about your doing right now. Can you follow up that to Mrs. Y?

I always ask myself.Is my worth and presence even there for them? Maybe I should just finish this work and find a new job.

helleworld_ profile image
Desiré 👩‍🎓👩‍🏫

Thank you for your response, Vince!

You're totally right. That's a big red flag too. Would you mind if I add your point to the article in my own words?

I find it really important too.

_hs_ profile image

One thing I've learned from experience is that once you quit some might offer you more money to stay together with some promises. The important thing to have in mind is to never rethink your decision because once you start leaving you're gone. Even if you stay for better salary and simingly changed team/boss it all comes back quite soon and either you're let go once they have replacement or you quit yourself

fly profile image

I recently quit my job and will start working in my new one in a few days.
I relate soooo much to all of these factors from my previous job. Nice list!

helleworld_ profile image
Desiré 👩‍🎓👩‍🏫

Thank you, joon!

All the best in your new job!

arcigo profile image
Armando Cifuentes González

Great article. I noticed that some of these red flags are present in my current job

helleworld_ profile image
Desiré 👩‍🎓👩‍🏫

Hello Armando, thank you for reading my article and for your response.

Please think carefully about your situation and value yourself and your knowledge above everything else.

I'm pretty sure you'll know what to do. Happy New year!

arcigo profile image
Armando Cifuentes González


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