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Really glad to see a question like this!

I started my programming journey with C#, which basically taught me what programming was and what I could achieve with it. After that, learning other languages was a light trip (Java, JavaScript, Python...).

Lately I've been hearing a lot that everyone should go and start with Python because "it is easy". Well, it is not easy, it seems easy because you understand the hard things that Python is doing behind its 'easy' interface... But in order to understand it, you must've done it before in the 'hard way'.

As a final conclusion... I'd say C or C# would suit begginers.


Because a lot of people with a lot of experience manage to shoot in the foot with pointers. And we talking about beginners... they would be frustrated by it. And we can entirely avoid the subject by using garbage collector. Do you want somebody spent time learning subject which can be avoided at all?

I want people to learn the most part of things in programming in the easy way, and C/C# makes it a lot easier than any other language. You can't focus in just 1 thing nor put everyone else's experience in front of begginers, I've seen begginers colleagues improving in no time and others who needed 3 more months. Besides, you can't decide we all started programming for the same, right? I started with games, others with webs, others with Apps... And still, learning how to program games in C# made me understand how to connect a sensor to a webpage in Python!

Last time I tried C++ compiler its error message were quite confusing

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