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I guess deep inside I always was, yes... However new techs shouldn't scare you, every frontender sticks to its favorite tech in the end, or to the tech in their company. I, for example, only work with Vue+SASS and nothing else, unless I'm needed to.

Learning SASS or stay always in the vanilla CSS it's up to you, we often forget that each tech has its specific purpose, you don't have to use everything to perform your job correctly!

That's why in the article I wanted to focus on the essentials, 1 CSS fw, 1 JS fw, API's, JSON's... With the base knowledge, you can go everywhere. 😊

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This is actually the essence of our work. When you got the basic technologies (html,css,js) it doesn't matter which tool, framework or helper you add to your stack. Everything ends up being html, css and js. These make the web visible, interactive and accessible. Everything else depends.

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