What was the last "I-wish-the-author-explained-this-in-the-article" you had to search? 🙄

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Hello, users! 👋

I think in this community each of us is 50% author and 50% article-consumer.

I feel sometimes upset when I see an author is totally avoiding or making it "obvious" something that maybe should be explained. Or when the author is not explaining something because it may be "too obvious" knowledge, but it's not.

For example:

I'm missing more clear explanations of what an API is and what a request exactly is. More than "how to do a request to an API", something like "what an API is, what a request is and how to do it".

(Not saying I don't know that already, but I miss those kind of explanations).

Of course I'm not saying avoiding explanations is bad. That should be a topic for another #discuss.

What was the last thing you had to investigate because the explanation was avoided in an article? Or the thing that made you most upset?

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So, I can relate this. When I heard about Neumorphism in a Medium article, it wasn't explained clearly. So, I had to investigate about this. After that, the idea was soo much loved by me that I decided to make a Reactjs library on that and 2 days ago, I released it on NPM. You should also give it a try and let me know what do you think about the idea?
The link is : github.com/dev-saeed/neumorphic-ui


Same here!

I feel this new design tendency hasn't been well and in-deep explained at all. Also, I recommended your library in Twitter today because I was also investigating it!

Sadly I don't know anything about React, but I hope more people gets interested and give you feedback!


Yeah I have also planned detailed docs of my library on separate Gatsby site. It's also ready. I will add details about Neumorphism on it too so that new designers and devs can understand it easily. And thank you again for your appreciation. I am not active on twitter but will soon make an account so that I can connect with like-minded people. Yup. I also hope so.


Many code examples assume that you know the prerequisites in order to use the class. For instance I'm setting up an ID server, which uses the class for JWT, and that class is not mentioned anywhere else, or where it shows up. It's just in the starter Class. I can't make my application find it.



TOTALLY right! I can't even count the times I've been in that situation. I'd like to think that's just because the author totally forgot to mention or explain the class, not because he/she avoided it...

Definitely a must to explain!


I experience this everyday, it's quite annoying too, 1 outta every 5 articles actually do any explaining, most just want to get into the coding and be done with it. not that its bad? but maybe 2-4 lines of explanation will go a long way in helping. Most times I find myself searching for a term in the article I am currently reading and this in turn wastes time

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