5 Mistakes I Made When I Started Learning Programming

Arra on December 14, 2019

I have been programming for four years now, one year which is programming professionally. My past background is not related to programming at all. ... [Read Full]
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The biggest mistake I made was doing it all alone, not having a mentor. Good mentor speeds those things up tenfold.


not sure is a mistake, those are not always available.


Yes, sure. My problem was that I was freelancing for years (6+) before getting an actual job. I got the job assuming I know a lot then to find out I don't know soooo muuuch. Only after working in a team I start to learn so many more things and so much faster. Of course, if you're studying in a school, or you don't have an opportunity to get an office job, then it is what it is. You need to find someone to exchange your code with, get a different perspective on problems.


Great article Arra. Couple of weeks ago I came to the same conclusion that I was not kept by one language but I ran all over the place for my private projects.

Now I decided my tech stack and promised myself to build some cool things with it.


Awesome! Good luck building your projects.


Your post just make me feel that one day I'll be someone.
Man I started my programming career just 9months ago and I felt just the same way toy felt in your situation.
Your post give me boost and I'm making progress as a php developer.
Have a good day


Thanks mate. I also just started working barely a year for now. There are still a lot of things I have to learn but I am doing my best each day and celebrate the small victories.


I wish I had a job in the field so I could learn at work too. Right now I am school for computer science and I work in an unrelated field.


We have same problem.Too much reading too much information then you forgot how to do basic things. I think it is better to master 1 only. If you learn a lot better you make a notes about what error is facing surely you will need in later.


Arra, your post nade me open my eyes, i was making all the same mistakes, and i tought i was the only one with this problem, now i choosed my path, python to go deep and then will see. Wich you the best


I believe most developers go through this. Those that pass this level becomes programmers. Ah! Couldn’t have said it any better. I have gone through this only to realize I needed to know more after joining a team. Haven’t a mentor is great though


I read it and feels like you just pulling me from the sinking sand.
I did all those mistakes that you mention and realize the question should we ask "are our learning is incrementing or just stuck or even worse decreasing?"
Having goals, build learning journey plans and keep it on track i think could answer that question
Thank you Arra


Thank you for the kind words. Having a direction can definitely help you to become a better programmer :)


Thanks. I am in my second year of bachelor's degree in software engineering. And i am doing all these mistakes that you have mentioned above. I want to learn all things like you wanted. I am doing web development,iot, AI,python,etc. And i strongly feel sometimes that i am learning nothing. Same as you. I can't solve world problems using my code. I am just coding. Because i compare myself to others. But after reading your article, i decided that i will done first only web development rather than going in many sides. Thanks for article. Amazing article for such a worried students like me.


Thank you for kind words. I completely agree that you can easily fall in to the trap of learning too many things at once. I get it that as a software developer it is important to keep learning because technology is always changing within this field. There is also nothing wrong with experimenting with different technologies.

But I think you can improve much faster if you first focus on one area/language that you want to pursue instead of learning multiple things at once.


Amazing text, I'm learning too, although I've been programming for almost 2 years professionally and sometimes I feel lost with many languages ​​"omg, what do I have to learn?" ... very good, with that you helped me a lot (and I'm sry for the English because I'm learning it too hahaha)


Sadly self-doubt isn’t always something that shifts as time goes on and can keep cropping up. Hello imposter syndrome!


Yep, imposter syndrome is nasty thing I and many other people across the globe have to deal with.


I am new to programming and I seem to be guilty of all of these mistakes.
I want to go into AI so I have been learning python but I also want to be able to do other things like building web and mobile apps, can't I be good at so many things?


Thank you very much to share your experience. It is really helpful to who is starting. I have read many times about to have a mentor, but honestly I don't know how could I find one, from where to start.

I am following some forums and websites, reading articles like yours to keep my selft on track, but some days are really hard. I studied something totaly diferent to programming, so I feel identify whit what you wrotte.



Being new to a field may be a sufficient condition for self-doubt, but it's definitely not a necessary condition. Believe me, I know.


I believe you. It is just that when you start working in a industry things can be overwhelming at first. But the more you learn, the more confident you become.


Good article. Thank you for sharing. I'm currently not focused on anything either. I need to change that.


Thanks mate! Good luck with your journey!


Thanks so much for this article, it will serve as a guide for me as decide to go deep in web dev.

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