What are the most ridiculous/unrealistic/stupid things you have seen in a job ad?

helloiamarra profile image Arra ・1 min read

I start:

  • a front end developer who is mostly doing full stack development
  • having 10 years experience in using a framework that exist for 2 years
  • 15 years experience in using Java (I am not joking)

What are yours?


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You beat me to it. #2 all the time.


I hope you have 10 years experience using React which was officially released 6 years ago.


"Expertise in X." = "Our manager(s) told us to use X because they read about it on LinkedIn, but none of us knew anything about it while building our project, and now we're stuck. Save us."


My sincere condolences.


Thankfully, I never took one of those jobs. That's just what I've learned it meant.


I didn't know developers need to know Fortnite as a crucial skill :-)


Well, that person didn't have Google Cloud OR Azure, only Kubernetes.
Seems like a reasonable concern.

  • Free work as part of the interview process (create a "proof")
  • Needing to know, say, ruby on rails to admin a WordPress site
  • Insulting the developers who quit (yes, in the ad)

Insulting other developers who quit sounds worrying.


A company stared by a playboy who thought he could change the game by offering a products that were impossible to develop.


I did see a job ad in 1999 requiring 5 years of Java experience