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Execution is Scarce in StartUp

Himanshu Ramchandani
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When we were in school and were lost with this question - What subject we should choose for our career? the only thing that was in plenty was advise.

People around you gave you the advice to do this and that, choose this and that subject. With that advice, the next question that came was, what advice to execute on.

As you grow old, working on your startup, loving your work because all your life you wanted to do that. The same question is waiting for you, What advice to execute on? Again the advice is in plenty.


If someone needs to convince you that you need their advice, you probably don't need it.

Mastering execution is the only thing that can get you where you want to be. But again what's important is what advice you should execute on?

So what to do
You remember when you were batting in a cricket match and face the ball, everyone that was there to cheer you were advising you to do this and that depending upon what the scoreboard says and what runs your team needs to win the game, as I said advice are in plenty. Now relive this, that you already lived, You are about to face the ball, the bowler is running towards you, the sweat in your hands, the bowler throws it, you are concentrated on the ball, and you are about to hit it.

So how are you gonna hit the ball.

Well, here is the answer


Now stop for a second, in this very moment nobody is telling you to want to do, nobody is giving you any advice on how to hit the ball. At that moment you are not thinking about that advice given by your teammate.

You've already done that with your instincts so many times, Remember?

In your startup, this is the only thing that can assure you that the advice you are working on is right. That advice is not given by anyone but yourself. That advice doesn't have words or spells or sound, but it has the energy that nobody can feel but only you can.

Every idea, every product, every strategy you are working on is going to be great only because of the execution. Whether it is a success or not will depend on the metric you choose for it.

If it is unsuccessful. Well, that depends on how you measure success.

Failure is a mindset. The only thing in the startup world in plenty is Advice, But the execution is scarce.

Execution is insufficient in demand. The level of work needed to implement any new idea to MVP is abundant.

But we all know one thing that what only thing controllable here is, yeah right


Well, it's also advice 🙃

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