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I Made My Responsive Portfolio Website Using Pure Html JavaScript and CSS Which Is Superfast, Cool and Responsive🎉🎉🎉

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Hey DEV Community ❤️;

Having a portfolio is important for a junior developer's because most of the time the team hiring looks for a collection of your details and your logic of working.

Where they find portfolio as a basic Page. And having a portfolio website! It would be best and if the portfolio is responsive it would create a super image in the Hiring team.

This is what leads to creating mine.

Here is the link to my portfolio website


About me

Hey I am Hemant Joshi an 18-year-old developer, I love JavaScript and learning MERN stack, I am a self-learner

If you liked my portfolio you can simply copy mine.

Here is the link to my GitHub Repository for my Portfolio website:


Do remember to follow and 🌟 me on github

<div>Some Images Of My Website</div>

This is the home page and scrollable
Alt Text

Here is the about-me section of my website.
Alt Text

Source Code For The Website

GitHub logo 8bithemant / Responsive-Portfolio

This is a Responsive Portfolio Website made with Love and Javascript; FEEL FREE TO COPY; NO COPYRIGHT ISSUE, in case of error ping me. Do follow me on github and star the repo

##This is my responsive portfolio website built with love and javascript.


Live Preview at https://hemant.codes/

Make sure to follow me on github and give out some stars ###No Copyright Issue ###Feel Free to copy, in case of any error, ping me.

Please make sure to follow me on GitHub and star the repository this would motivate me to develop the project further

Since I got the idea of making my own Portfolio I begin working on it.

I worked on the Portfolio, with JS, Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML.

How to design it!

Simply you can break the project into components and working on each template at once, here in this project I picked up a template and assembled different components from others and made my fully responsive Portfolio.

Made With ❤️, Javascript And in India feel free to clone the website and in case of any query ping me on Dev.To or Twitter!

Do Check the footer

Alt Text

NO COPYRIGHT ISSUE, Feel Free To Copy and please Make Sure To Star And Follow Me On Github.

What New Is Coming To The Portfolio

Dark mode is in the trial and soon will be pushing it to the main branch and contact form will be released.

Lighthouse Score

The Lighthouse score is a bit low currently because I defined the CSS and Javascript for the beta version and they are not being used and the images are not yet properly cropped and the extension currently is png, so will update sooner.

Thank You;

The post idea from Chaoo..

His Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaooCharles

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How you create link that everyone can see ur website.


Thanks, Shubham for landing here,

What I understand from your mention is you wanted to know about the preview coming out when sharing the link right?

for the social media preview, there is an HTML property known as Open Graph and you can simply add to your page by adding following code to your head in HTML...

               <meta name="description" content="Hemant Joshi A Full Stack Developer Who Loves To Build With JavaScript"> 
        <meta property="og:title" content="About Hemant Joshi"/>
        <meta property="og:url" content="https://hemant.codes/" />
        <meta property="og:description" content="About Hemant Joshi A Full Stack Web Developer">
        <meta property="og:image" content="/image.png"/> 
        <meta property="og:type" content=”Portfolio” />

for any help contact me or here is a link to the related blog posts.


Wishing you a good day..


I tried to run your code on the local machine, it shows some error, do u know how to fix it.

Did you set the proper image location, and was everything set to your domain?

I could feel your worry, just in case if you need help, connect on twitter and forward I can see your code and edit it as we connect to GitHub.

from here I can't figure out the error.

Thank you Shubhan, only sol Is when i see the code, ie. Github

Ok no problem I'll msg u on Twitter


Looks good.

Also typo.

It's "rather than" not "rather then"