Why JavaScript Is So Important?

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In 2020 as java is getting replaced simultaneously JavaScript is Getting into demand, let's know why and why you should master JavaScript.

Fact Check: JavaScript was written in 10 Days by one person and became mass adopted🔥🤔...

JavaScript Turned other Scripted application into Trash!

Here's How:

  1. JavaScript can be used in Frontend and Backend both!

The developer favourite combination is Mern Stack which is based on Rest Api ie NodeJs and fast and good design ie ReactJs.

  1. JavaScript is Standardized
    This makes the team to update it frequently with new version and sorted features init.

  2. It works on DOM

  3. JavaScript gives user highly custom effects in website and effects too.

  4. It consists of wide range of Frameworks and Libraries

  5. One can design a full web application and website with a high performance and super fast website using Javascript frame works.


I Am 18 Year Old MERN stack Developer, Who dream to be master JavaScript And Mern Stack 😁, Bless if you like😁
:-Hemant Joshi😁❤️

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Might want to check yourself on the hate of Java. It can be used to write web applications as well and is high performing. There shouldn’t be a one vs the other mentality.


Yes,. I don't hate java this is just a comparison, it wouldn't be in the direction of defaming java devs👍,