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What Is The Best Revenue Model For VOD Business in 2022?

For VOD Business, choosing the best way of revenue model is a little complex work. Depending on the content accessed by viewers, we must go through a clear analysis for fixing our monetization process.

Video-based or Video-on-demand(VOD) is a business that offers wide video content in accessing a large collection of online libraries by viewers. We can click, access and watch the contents at your own leisure from all platforms.

Best Revenue Models for VOD Business

Some of our best revenue models include - TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD

Transactional Video-on-demand:

Transactional video-on-demand(TVOD) is a traditional way of purchasing or renting each content by charging a particular amount likewise transacting goods in retail stores. Viewers can select & watch the contents on a pay-per-view basis. Recently launched events, programs, movies, etc.. highlight increased traffic and making dollars in seconds. Conduct marketing efforts and the viewer’s acquisition results in more profits.

Think of amazon prime video is a good example, for watching the particular content with some amount of fee.


  • TVOD provides higher revenues within the short span of time for more entertaining services offerings. - It delivers click-through rate services for the valuable and premium quality of content.

Subscription Video-on-demand:

Subscription video-on-demand(SVOD) is just like subscribing to television channels, the viewers grant access to watch the packaged contents in entering a small subscription contract. Payments can be collected on a monthly, half-yearly or annual year basis. It offers plenty of flexibility to viewers. SVOD models provide a great opportunity for monetizing your content. After subscription, they can play, pause or schedule the contents in round-the-clock services.

Think of Netflix as an apt one, for watching series or collections after subscribing to the services.


  • SVOD offers a greater package variety of content to attract the viewer’s expectations.
  • It focuses on higher customer retention and services instead of subscriber acquisition.

Advertising Video-on-demand:

Advertising Video-on-demand(AVOD) is an advertisement genre streaming in digital screens, which is actually free for viewers but we need to spend time on the ads posted. Ads involve Pre-Ads, Mid-Ads & Post-Ads. It influences the viewers to get recognition about the services and pushing them to contribute.
Think of youtube, delivers various ads & promotions about the products or services.


  • AVOD promotes & shares information with online viewers. - Being free of cost, viewers tend to watch the content at zero cost.


For generating higher revenues, TVOD, SVOD, AVOD models contribute unique features & associations to monetize your content in an efficient way. Handling multiple ways of monetization process, video streaming platforms will engage more with viewers and deliver the contents based on their preferences.

Webnexs VOD platforms enhance their services in best revenue models to serve, deliver and optimize the video streaming content to global audiences.

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scarlettjohnson6321 profile image

There are many revenue models for your online video platform but the best one is the subscription model as it is very popular and most of the online video platform providers make it a mandatory one

meryemrai profile image

It’s really great breakdown for taking the time to put best video streaming platform with the revenue model. Its very helpful for people who looking to start there own VOD platform. It’s much appreciated.

arya00123 profile image

Thank you for sharing the post, which helps to shortlist the best one & get more details on revenue model for video streaming platforms . Keep on Posting!!

dbrightliving profile image
Bright Livingstone D

Best revenue building model for a video on demand solution is offering combinations of them.

For example PPV can be offered in combination with AVOD etc.