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My 2020 Year In Review : Changing Expectations

herocod3r profile image Jethro Daniel ・4 min read

2020 has been a crazy epic year i believe for almost everyone, being hit back to back like Nazi Blitz operation in world war II on the UK. So much has happened this year that can fit into a decade, history would look back on 2020 with so much lessons and content for this next generation.

2020 my major focus was on self development, mind, body and spirit. I planned to travel, cultivate more relationships, improve on social life and give my self to learning.. Looking back almost everything flopped.

However 2020 had other plans for me, i recorded many major wins, and i am very thankful for them.

Mental Health

Lol 😅, this one eh ? ... lets just say we thank God we came out sane after everything.

It got so bad at one point i had to turn off my phone for 3 days straight to block out the noise and problems of the world.

So much happened, i'll need months to carefully process everything, in 2021 i hope things would get better.

Personal Development

This was a very key area i had hoped to win at in 2020, i planned to read more, get fit and travel more. Well, i didnt read as much i wanted, hardly read up to 2 books all year 🙃... Covid happened i couldn't continue my gym membership, also didn't travel anywhere..

On the flip side, i started reading the bible "Pragmatically" read about 3 books line by line, made me revaluate my faith and checkmate the religion i practise (this is a whole article on its own). I also started writing monthly reviews, sometimes knowing where you came from, the journey and struggles would make you better appreciate the point of arrival.


In 2020 i didn't make any new friends, also i feel like my older relationships suffered, i noticed recently how i've lost contacts with many people i started the year with, no longer seeing them on whatsapp, maybe they deleted my number? maybe the blocked me ?

Well, i know relationships are a super important part of life, i have to do better with reaching out to friends, just calling and checking up on them. I hope in the new year i can do better.

But i am also thankful for the many friends that still checked up on me, encouraged and celebrated with me. cheers to better days ahead.


For career, i really didnt plan anything drastic for this year, but 2020 had other plans for me.

The year started slowly, i didnt expect much, and then my banger months as i call them "Ember Months" came through for me, i landed a job with a consulting company that put me into Facebook, met alot of people so far, i have seen so much in the little time working with Facebook that has blown my mind. Coolest part about this job, is the new industry/domain i am exposed to, Telecom/Network industry which powers most of how the modern world works today. I am so grateful to be part of pushing code that would help better people's lives.

Within that same period of the FB gig, so many opportunities opened up, there was a point i had like 3 offers, all from foreign companies, got one other opportunity i cant name, and it was either that one or FB.

Aside the many job opportunities, i also invested in self by building many open source tools and writing a ton of technical articles, essentially positioning myself in a very very good place. Some of the few interesting personal projects i worked on..

  1. A crossplatform finger print identification LIB
  2. Speed Testing CLI and Web Assembly

In summary, career was a hit, couldn't have asked for any more, im very positive and optimistic that seeds i sowed this year would be very critical for the rest of my career path.


This was also something that i didn't plan for, i mean 2019 i also saw exponential increase in income, so i wasn't really looking for anything more. How wrong i was...

By the end of the year, income had increased by nearly 500%, i was also able to make strategic investments, which turned out pretty good, but i am sure i only scratched the surface, i hope to break into the stock and VC market in 2021.

Thinking salaries in tech, it kind of feels predatory, making so much money a month than you can spend in 2 years, while there are so many people around who struggle with 1 meal a day like in Nigeria. You get a glimpse into all the issues with capitalism. Thinking about how there are billionaires out there who make more money a day than they can spend in 2 lifetimes. Maybe the communist ideas were not so far fetched?. Anyways, in 2021 i hope to do better in giving to charity and family.

Looking Back

2020 presented so many opportunities, things i could only have dreamt about, i saw my technical skill grow, exponential increase in finances, career growth etc. Many relocation opportunities opened up, in-fact in one of my "ember banger months" there was almost no week that i wasn't either talking relocation with managers, immigration officers etc.

Covid19 changed my plans, but like that bible verse says, "All things work together". I am thankful for everything, for family and life, thoughts and prayers also go out to all those most affected by the events of the year, i hope God comforts y'all.

Looking Ahead

In 2021, i am moving to a new country, still feel vey afraid and concerned, but i am positive anything outside Nigeria is the right move.

I would also go back to becoming a student at everything, i hope to become a better person, invest more into personal development and gain more exposure and experience in life like never before.

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oneeyedsunday profile image
Idiakose O. Sunday

At the end of the day, one has to embrace his / her lot. Congratulations man.