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When applying for dev jobs, do you aim for quantity or quality?

nocnica profile image Nočnica Fee ・1 min read

No matter which way you do it, hunting for jobs stinks. How do you get the best results? Is sending out 100 applications actually worth it? Or, do you filter for the jobs that you feel are perfectly tailored to you?


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So, technically not a dev job, but when I applied for my DEV job 😅 I definitely went for quality over quantity.

If I remember correctly I was following the newsletter and saw a mention that they were looking for Community Coordinator. I was employed at the time, but saw an opening to join a company whose values aligned with my own and the position really fit well with my work history.

That said, I had the luxury of being employed to help me focus on quality over quantity — I also wasn't looking for a new job, rather I just happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right amount of experience and motivation to join in.

I guess one takeaway here is to keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities as they present themselves. And if you have the luxury to go for quality over quantity take advantage of it!


I have definitely been on both sides.

Now that I have experience on my resume and with the hiring process, I feel like I would focus much more on the quality of the position because I have past experiences to compare it to.

But as a junior with no experience, I was throwing my resume around like my life depended on it:
Alt Text


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I prefer quality over quantity. I've tried both. When I tried the quantity, I began with the interesting offers before applying to other jobs (40 in a week). In then end, it was the second resume I've send that landed me a job and I had almost no answer from the non interesting jobs.


I try and only get jobs through connections. Meeting people, reaching out etc. My experience applying through job portals has been a complete waste of time. I spent a lot of time applying to jobs to not hear back or just be auto denied.


I've had one good experience when applying for a portal. In that situation, I could honestly say that there were 2, maybe 3 people on earth more qualified than me to take that job. If you're a total lock for a role, applying through a portal can be ~ok , but yeah otherwise it's sadly true that who you know is a hugely important


Always Quality. Everything else is a waste of my time and the non-quality-companies time.


Definitely quality. Maybe it's the area where I live, but I doubt I've sent out much more than 100 applications total, let alone during a single job search.