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Discussion on: Welcome to the world of "NFTs"

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Thanks for a clear explanation of the "free saving" problem. Many NFT newcomers and just curious people don't get this aspect of the technology. By the way, I think this technology is very prospective. And not only for artists. After all, you can get hold of unique pieces of art and they can never be copied due to the very nature of blockchain. This means their value will grow over time. For instance, I read about MyImpactPower. It's a good eco-friendly initiative that will also offer NFT art to its supporters. If the project will thrive its first NF tokenized pictures will value high.

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Apoorv Tyagi Author

Thanks you!

And I completely agree.

NFT has a huge potential due to the very nature of blockchain i.e immutability and decentralization, as you rightly mentioned.