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Discussion on: Why Do You Learn?

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Sarah Paz Author

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I recently learned about the Feynman technique so I've been implementing that in my learning as well. I also really love your sketchbook idea, I actually think I should do the same! I've gone from writing notes, to using Notion to type notes, then back to writing out notes, but I feel like I'm also very visual and need more diagrams as well. I don't know why I never considered this before but I guess it's because writing notes seemed to be more typical of studying that I just assumed that should be enough. I'll probably order a sketchbook tonight! I've also heard a lot about teaching as well. I used to try to talk out what I've learned to my partner who isn't technical at all, and when she'd question things it helped me dig deeper into my understanding and break it down even more. So I think I do need to try to include that into the learning process as well. I have been looking into volunteering to teach kids code, but with everything going on right now I'm sure those events will be cancelled/rescheduled. But I will be sure to look into other opportunities to try to mentor and teach what I learn.

Thanks again!