Discussion on: Linux VS Windows 10 - An Honest Comparison

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Tim Apple

So I've used Linux since the 90's. It's was my main OS for close to 10 years.. I now run both Windows and Linux. I find myself on Windows more and more. From my personal experience it's easier for me to get everything I want set up. I do love my Linux though.. mainly the gnome desktop look. But Windows works well for me. I don't game, but I play CS:GO at times through Steam. It runs better in Windows, noticeably better. I only have Intel graphics and a Galago Ultra Pro from system76. I've put Windows on it in the past and it performed a bit better though I of course there were the long drawn out updates, everything else was good. My favorite game World of Tanks Blitz, does not run on Linux yet for that matter.

As far as dev, I do some web, python, rust, and now flutter dev and it all sets up and works perfectly well on Windows. A large portion of the core Rust team use Windows as their daily driver for that matter. But it all works ok under Linux.

Wow, I babble a lot... in the end, I have a Surface Laptop that is my main dev machine. I also have the above mentioned Galago that now has vanilla Ubuntu on it and is my secondary/sit on the couch and watch Tv while surfing machine.

I do love both OS's...and if I had the loot I would probably have a mac and enjoy that also. They are all just tools. These days they mostly do the same thing, one is no worse than the other really, it just depends on the look and function of the tool you want to use.

A user of any of the above can easily belittle the others and most of it will be based on opinion more than technical merit. Let's stop bashing everyone and work together to make awesome opensource software that runs on them all.