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Blogobox - Free Bootstrap 5 Blog Template

hilmi profile image Hilmi Hidayat ・Updated on ・1 min read

Blogobox is a blog template made with bootstrap 5 (no need for jQuery) and other supporting components such as sweetalert. The creation of the blogobox template was inspired by the appearance of the website with 2 sidebars on the left and right and with the main content in the middle.

Blogobox is designed to be clean, developer friendly, SEO Friendly, easy to modify, and others. You will make it easier to modify because the Blogobox template is made with only full bootstrap 5, so you will find it easier to apply what is in the Bootstrap 5 documentation to the Blogobox template. Blogobox is very well suited or recommended for components of creating a website, blog, forum, social media and others.

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