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I Built this Dark UI

hima_khaitan profile image Himanshu Updated on ・2 min read

The Idea & Inspiration

Researching a bit on UI, I came across several unknown facts. One such fact being the demand for Dark themes and UIs. The undeniable fact that Dark Themes reduce eye strain thus increasing Users' ease.

I came across so many dark UIs in search and then finally decided to make one. 4-6 sites made me inspirations for different sections of the website and hence I came up with this design.

The Dark UI

The color combination and design really gave me an aesthetic feel and was really impressed after trying out several designs! I kept in mind not to use pure black along with saturated colors.
I also tried maintaining the emotion of the page and let the user communicate the depth.

Tech Particle

Project Profile


Made during a task for Tech Particle

Tech Stack


Node Version Required: v12.18.3 or more NPM Version Required: 6.14.6 or more


Run npm install in the root folder i.e Tech-Particle/

To Run

npm run start

To Run Dev

npm run dev

Happily turning COFFEE into CODE!

Running the Project:
After cloning the repo i.e. git clone runcd Tech-Particle and run npm install to download all the dependencies for the project. Run npm start to start the Server and npm dev to start the Dev Server.

Can You Help me?

As you might have noticed the project is not at all Mobile Responsive. I can't figure out the design idea to do so! I would highly appreciate if you leave a feedback, criticism or suggestion of any kind.

Project Link: Tech_partricle

It will also be appreciated if you fork the repo and help me out with Mobile Design!

If you're interested in contributing, the project is open-source and I would appreciate any sort of help. Otherwise, you can share it or star the repo, if you want to of course.

Happily turning Coffee into Code ☕

For website hosting you may use Bluehost

Discussion (4)

andrepaulg profile image
André Paul Grandsire

Hey, perhaps we could work together on developing the mobile interface. Do you have any ideas on how it should look alike?

BTW, I really liked your design and love the idea of contributing in something.

From where can we start? 😬

hima_khaitan profile image
Himanshu Author

Thank You so much for your appreciation. 💯

As of now, I don't have any of the mobile view designs ready. I will be very happy to know if you have one.

For working on this repo you can fork this repo and after edits, you can make a pull request.
If you have any difficulties in cloning and setting up the project let me know. I will be happy to work with you. 🙌🙌

andrepaulg profile image
André Paul Grandsire

Do you have any Figma file that we can start from to design the mobile layout?

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hima_khaitan profile image
Himanshu Author

As I said earlier I don't have any design ready as of now. Will be really appreciated if you find one!🙌

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