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Love the question!

I've gone through a lot of setups during the years (R.A.Ts, Logitechs for mouses, and Microsoft ergonomical keyboards I'm looking at you), but nowadays (although not wireless) this is my setup:

What you're seeing here are:

This is definitelly not as nearly as 'fancy' of a keyboard, but I can't see myself going back to 'normal' keyboards anymore. As for the 'mouse', I no longer need to leave my keyboard to 'go' fetch the mouse 🤯

If you want to hear me go on and on for how awesome TypeMatrix keyboard is, listen to these two podcast episodes:

Hope this helps 👍


I'd love to try a roller mouse myself but they are really expensive.

Love my CODE keyboard.


I am quite fascinated by the mechanical keyboard trend. I find them to be quite noisy, but maybe that's just because I haven't tried one out yet.

It depends on the switches a keyboard uses. Some are louder than others. And you can get some sound dampners for them as well that cuts the noise (at the expense of some key travel).


It's actually a v1.2, and I am looking to upgrade to the newest 3.0, but it will wait for the time be$ng :)

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