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What would you do rigth after graduating from a bootcamp?

Hey y'all, more experienced folks than me! I need your advice!

Here is the situation: I just graduated from a 4 month long bootcamp where I learned the programming basics with C++, then got some intro to embedded programming with C on an STM32 board, then switched back to C++ to make a bigger OpenCV project in a small team to learn how to collaborate with others. Overall, I very satisfied with the course, and I irreversibly fell in love with programing. But this is just the beginning, and here is where I need some advice.

For me EVERYTHING is interesting now. Today I had fun with Swift and made a simple desktop application with UI. Yesterday I played a bit with python and read all day about machine learning. The day before I did some web stuff, and do some javascript. And thats OK for now I guess, but thats kind of the problem as well. At the end of the day I would like to make this for living and I can't just play on the surfaces of different fields forever.

My options are:

  1. join the bootcamp's "after-course", learn new technologies and languages (mostly java and javascript) by take part in a real world project under the supervision of mentors

  2. wait a few weeks until the sales team get me a job at on of the partners (probably in the field of C/C++) and get some job experience at a bigger, multinational company

  3. do things on my own, learn what I want, get some experience on open-source project, make self-motivated projects for fun etc.

So basically I can deepen my knowledge in the field I learned and get job experience, or I can taste an another field under the safety wings of my mentors but not get real job experience, or leave time for myself and keep play around with languages and technologies until I really got into something.

Two other variable in the equation:

  • What I enjoy the most currently is do some machine learning stuff, I can image myself doing somethin like this
  • Within a few years I would like to be a freelancer to travel a few years while I could work everywhere at anytime.

What would you do in my place?

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Julian Christian Anderson

Hi, I am a bootcamp graduate also.
After I graduated I actually go straight looking for a Job. In my opinion the skills that I acquired during the bootcamp is decent enough for me to get a job.

If you are still figuring out which field you are into, I really suggest find one that you are really into and go all in on that. It is better to learn one thing at a time and be so good on it.

I also suggest to try to get a job in a tech company because when you are working with others you can learn many skills that are important such as collaboration and how to create a professional product. Hopefully you can find a mentor when you are working in a tech company, having a mentor is a huge advantage in this industry in my opinion.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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Horváth Donát Author

Hi Julian! Thanks for the advice! Wasn't it hard for you to decide what field do you like to most? There are too many interesting field, I wish I could do everything in a pro level :D