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RSwitch 1.5.0 Release Now Also Corrals RStudio Server Connections

RSwitch is a macOS menubar application that works on macOS 10.14+ and provides handy shortcuts for developing with R on macOS. Version 1.5.0 brings a reorganized menu system and the ability to manage and make connections to RStudio Server instances. Here’s a quick peek at the new setup:

All books, links, and other reference resources are under a single submenu system:

If there’s a resource you’d like added, follow the links on the main RSwitch site to file PRs where you’re most comfortable.

You can also setup automatic checks and notifications for when new RStudio Dailies are available (you can still always check manually and this check feature is off by default):

But, the biggest new feature is the ability to manage and launch RStudio Server connections right from RSwitch:

Click to view slideshow.

These RStudio Server browser connections are kept separate from your internet browsing and are one menu selection away. RSwitch also remembers the size and position of your RStudio Server session windows, so everything should be where you want/need/expect. This is somewhat of an experimental feature so definitely file issues if you run into any problems or would like things to work differently.


Kick the tyres, file issues or requests and, if so inclined, let me know how you’re liking RSwitch!

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