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Those are some great ones. I like the "!" and history # as in ...

hseritt@hseritt-ThinkPad-X1-Carbon-5th:~/dev/python/top/project$ history


2177  git add --all
2178  git commit -m "Fixed CMS-12"
2179  git push origin CMS-12-CreateOrganizationsApp 
2180  git checkout master 
2181  git merge CMS-12-CreateOrganizationsApp 
2182  git push origin master 
2183  history
hseritt@hseritt-ThinkPad-X1-Carbon-5th:~/dev/python/top/project$ !2177

This will execute 2177 which is

git add --all


This is a massive one. You can:

history | grep git

To see all the things you were doing then:


it's a bit more keystrokes than ”ctrl+r all” to find a command but helps you reread what you did. So i mix these two often.


Yeah the point was just using history for clarity for the readers ... you can of course, grep any output you need to. That should be a given. Thanks!

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