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Thanks for sharing and giving your opinion as I found it interesting and revealing. For me, I have to admit -- Java is very tedious but it makes sense to me. JavaScript makes little sense to me on the other hand especially when using the myriad of frameworks for it (Angular to me is ... wut??? who designed this stuff?). React makes more sense but to me it's way overdone but if I had to use a JS framework, I would go with React. As such, I typically use a server side language (Django and Python is my preferred along with a Rest Framework module), use regular HTML5/CSS3 and throw in JavaScript when needed. So, we're all different.

I normally don't try to learn more than one thing at a time. But, I do see value in doing so on occasion. One instance where I think it makes sense is to try to learn the same concepts you learn for one language and try to figure out how to do it in another language. In fact, some time ago, I wrote a set of scripts in different languages (Bash, C, JS, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby) just for the fun of it (one can view it here: github.com/hseritt/code). Each concept exercise corresponds to the other languages. Sometimes I do refer back to it since I do consulting work and rarely get to choose the language I work in.

Any ways, really appreciate writing this up. It was a good and interesting read. Love to hear other devs' takes. I always learn something!


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