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Since Agile development involves continuous change, testing has become invaluable to prevent these frequent changes from introducing new bugs or breaking the app.

Most developers are familiar with testing approaches, in this short article, we will look at TDD and BDD and explore the differences:


  • TDD stands for Test Driven Development
  • It is focused on testing smaller pieces of functionality in isolation.
  • The process starts by writing a test case
  • Might be a better approach for projects which involve API and third-party tools.
  • Although TDD is a development technique, it can also be used for CD

Process of TDD



  • BDD stands for Behavior Driven Development
  • It is designed to test an application's behavior from the end user's standpoint
  • BDD is an extension to TDD where instead of writing the test cases, we start by writing a behavior.
  • The process starts by writing a scenario as per the expected behavior.

Example :

> Scenario: Login check
Given I am on the login page
When I enter "username" username
And I enter "Password" password
And I click on the "Login" button
Then I am able to log in successfully.

  • Might be a better approach for projects which are driven by user actions.

Process of BDD


If there are any tips to add to this short comparison, would appreciate it.


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