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Discussion on: Moving your workflow to Linux

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Huaba • Edited on

Moved from Windows to Linux about 4 years ago. I used MacOS beside Windows for 15 years before.

It was a little bit hard at the beginning and used my Windows VM a lot. But now i'm totally happy with it and don't need any Windows VM. Never wanna go back!

Some software hints for Linux:

  • SmartGit or GitKraken - GIT Tools
  • PhpStorm - PHP IDE
  • VS Code - IDE
  • Terminator - Terminal-Software
  • Albert or Franz - like Spotlight on Mac
  • ClipIt - Clipboard-Manager
  • Inkscape - Graphik-Tool, use it for SVG
  • GoForIt - Todo-Tool
  • Enpass - Passwordmanager with Selfhosting
  • LibreOffice - alternative Office, it's ok
  • MysqlWorkbench - managing Mysql databases
  • Insync - Google Drive Synctool with multiaccount support