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Best VS Code extensions?

Amy Hudspith
CompSci Student, particularly interested in Cyber
・1 min read

I'm setting up VS Code and would love some recs for useful extensions.
Drop them down below πŸ˜„

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Benjamin Grand • Edited
  • ApexSQL Database
  • Better Comments
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
  • Code Spell Checker
  • Debugger for Chrome
  • DotENV
  • EditorConfig for VS Code
  • ESLint
  • GitLens (Git supercharged)
  • Javascript Booster
  • Material Icon Theme
  • npm
  • npm Intellisense
  • Package Json Upgrade
  • Path Intellisense
  • Prettier - Code formatter
  • REST Client
  • stylelint

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what languages will you be working with?

here are a few general suggestions:

  • bracket pair colorizer ( this one changed my life )
  • markdown all in one
  • remote - ssh
  • terminal
  • todo tree
  • visual studio intellicode
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I really like Error Lens. It shows the error message inline so you don't even have to hover over the error. A slight drawback is that it only shows the first line of the error message, so any longer errors you still have to hover. But for a lot of errors it's still nice..

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Warren Dugan

"recommendations": [

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Nitesh Sawant

Also few other extensions like

  • rainbow indent
  • live server
  • gitlens
  • project manager

Are super helpful

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David Ricardo

The only extension that I used was "live server" and it was so useful.

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Hardik Chopra