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Money spent on bootcamps can be saved to buy online courses and to fund your own business.


That's one perspective. Since webdev is rapidly evolving, people who are starting out generally get sidetracked (from my experience), overwhelmed with options, and lack a structured curriculum / environment. This (in my opinion) is where bootcamps can help speed things up and cut out the noise


Word. I have started several different courses on different platforms and i always learn something new and important but yet it seems i am not really moving forward much as the informations arent concentrated and organised.

Looks like you're still trying to find out your niche in coding.
You lack of self-awareness. My advice to you is to disconnect for 5 minutes and think deeply in what you're passionate about.
Programming is a vast field. If you're not object-oriented you will quit and change your path once you hit the first obstacle.
I was just like you when I started.
I have created a list of all the programming fields (software, web, game dev....) and tried every single one. The language that looks complicated or hard to understand just remove it from the list and select another one quickly.
It took me almost 2 years to find out that game development is my niche.
Most important thing is to stay motivated no matter how many times you fail.

Focus is a huge determiner of success - in my opinion, the quicker you can find focus (get really good at one thing, initially), the quicker you'll find success with your goals. For example, I knew I wanted a Frontend role for my first job. I specifically focused on getting good at JavaScript, learned basic HTML/CSS, and then became proficient in React (along with supplementary subjects like asynchronous functions, API calls, parsing JSON, etc). Figure out exactly what you need to learn to achieve your goals, and then focus on only those topics!

Money spent on bootcamps can be saved to buy online courses and to fund your own business"

"You lack of self-awareness"... "It took me almost 2 years to find out"

-hussein cheayto

It took me 3 months, at one of the more costly (but highly respected) boot camps that was available to me. I got a job offer the day after I graduated. I've since upgraded my job and work for an incredible company making good money. Going through the boot camp was one of the best decisions I ever made and has paid itself back many times over. But I guess I lack self awareness. 2 years versus 3 months... And I love my job plus the pay is great. If only I had some self awareness though...🤔

Hahahahaha. To be honest, my bootcamp experience was one of the best decisions I've ever made too. Maybe I lacked self-awareness too 😜, but I've never been happier after this transition!

Matt if bootcamp was the best thing that happened to you, then congrats, you've just contradicted yourself 👏👏👏

About chad's reply, it took me 3 years, I was still at Uni, and once I graduated I also got my first job as a game developer.
Not all bootcamps are the same. If you don't know what "self awareness" is and how much it's important, then may God be with you 🤭

Hey Hussein,

I'm just joking. Your comment did seem a bit harsh about the self-awareness part though.

The article was about "not going to a coding bootcamp for the wrong reasons." It wasn't about "not going at all."


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