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re: Hahahahaha. To be honest, my bootcamp experience was one of the best decisions I've ever made too. Maybe I lacked self-awareness too 😜, but I've ne...

Matt if bootcamp was the best thing that happened to you, then congrats, you've just contradicted yourself 👏👏👏

About chad's reply, it took me 3 years, I was still at Uni, and once I graduated I also got my first job as a game developer.
Not all bootcamps are the same. If you don't know what "self awareness" is and how much it's important, then may God be with you 🤭

Hey Hussein,

I'm just joking. Your comment did seem a bit harsh about the self-awareness part though.

The article was about "not going to a coding bootcamp for the wrong reasons." It wasn't about "not going at all."


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