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Discussion on: A Hidden Side of Procrastination

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ΔNDRΞW • Edited

Been in CBT once a week for almost 2 years now. Can't even tell you how much it's helped learning and getting healthy coping mechanisms for this negative behavior ive had for so long.

Between that and Imposter Syndrome, it's can be a real internal fight, but these are definitely tools that can help with that. And also never be ashamed or afraid of asking for help in the form of a Therapist or Psychologist. They're professionals that are there for you for that half hour / hour to let you vent, provide outside prospective, and help show you patterns to break and give you tools to accomplish it.

It's no different than asking a mentor for help on a tough problem or having someone else review your code for an outside prospective. Plus mental health is important and all that jazz haha.

Been on Lexapro for about a year now and it's helped a lot with the anxiety peaks and makes my anxiety/depression so much more...manageable. It really lets me have room to breathe and work on CBT routines and behavior to break out of the negative cycle.

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Alexey Migutsky Author

Thanks for sharing your story!

It's hard to talk about personal things on public. I wish more people talk about overcoming their challenges openly and freely.

Would you mind to share some details on how you have decided to try CBT in the first place?