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Discussion on: What's the longest you've ever spent debugging a single bug?

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Xucong ZHAN

On or off for about a month.

A Quill editor was rendering incorrectly, where all the line breaks between paragraphs (p tags) are stripped and multiple paragraphs are stitched together, but only in some specific Vue components (a fact that I should've paid much more attention to). Tried and mix and match every single configuration (well, probably not but definitely over a dozen) I can find in their documentation and their Github repo. Finally, I even dived into the source code, but with little achievement.

Finally, the cause was stupidly simple. In those components, paragraphs were styled with either display: flex or display: inline. I literally jumped and cheered at the moment, half celebrating my success and half laughing at myself. Nonetheless, a GREAT lesson learned. :)