Productivity tools for your MacBook

Ankur Biswas on February 27, 2019

Hey guys, I'm back with another post where I'll be listing down some productivity tools for your MacBook which you may or may not know about. This ... [Read Full]
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This list isn't complete without Magnet: itunes.apple.com/pl/app/magnet/id4...

It's crazy that Mac doesn't allow you to arrange windows properly and we need third-party tools for that.


But, but, Launchpad and Mission Control and all the other useless fluff Apple adds with each new release 🙄 I wish Apple had a power user/developer user version. I mean, why can't we do simple things like duplicate tabs in Finder ffs??


Haha. Yes, Terminal (iTerm2, which really should be on this list come to think of it) is a must. No, never use stacks or dark mode - I'd maybe use this if it actually made everything dark. Don't see the point when it doesn't make everything dark (Chrome, Slack, etc.). I do use Spaces though - 1 space for Sublime (swipe right), 1 for Trello (swipe left), 1 for Chrome and everything else (default, middle space)

iTerm2 looks nice, thanks for the tip!

Spaces seem useful, but I somehow can't get used to them. I wish they had separate desktops and dockers.


Well, it has a power user version - it's called terminal :) But talking of "fluff" - is anyone here using those icon stacks or other groundbreaking features from the latest release?

Dark mode is the ultimate power use feature and I'm only kind of kidding


Magnet is very cool... luckily it’s less than 2€...


I recommend SlowQuitApps: github.com/dteoh/SlowQuitApps it shows a loading bar when you hit Command + Q, giving you time to think if you really want to close the app.

Another mention goes to Marta marta.yanex.org/, an alternative to Finder or TotalCommander.
For the command line I'd recommend mac-cli or m-cli for doing tasks with the console like restarting, locking, changing volume and so on.


thank you for mos! I use a separate mouse when working and I've missed the smooth scrolling that the Apple track pad provides.


Great list! Trello is my personal favourite. Would also recommend start.me as a starting point for your browser(s). It helps organise bookmarks, notes, feeds etc and saves me a ton of time.

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