Should I use a PHP Framework or a Node Framework?

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If you were starting a new project today and had to choose between PHP and Laravel or JavaScript and a node framework (NextJS, AdonisJS etc) what would you choose and why?

Server side rendering is very important and the site will also require realtime updating and user logins so not sure a static site generator is suitable.

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My preference is to always go with what I know best, unless... there is a specific business need to use one or the other. For example, if I wanted to crunch through petabytes of data, using something like the Apache Spark framework is far better than using something like PHP and Laravel.


I rather use a PHP framework for back-end and connect it to a front-end framework no matter NextJS or NuxtJS or any one.
I recommend Laravel which is really helpful in rapid development. And it supports Vue and React out of the box in case you want to use them for your front-end.


We use Angular (with universal) for the Frontend and Nestjs (with Graphql) for the backend. They have similar patterns. You can build interactive websites mich easier with a js framework than a php framework. Debugging and shipping is also much easier than php.

I was a PHP Developer for nearly 10 years and would never go back to it. But it’s only my opinion. There are tons of articles which discussing php vs node.js read them. Give it a try and make your own decision :)

Try Angular/React/Vue and choose which fits best for you

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