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How Laravel Got Me Quick Cash

I got a message from a friend to deliver a Notification System the following morning, after going through the features I was left with the thoughts of which approach/framework to employ to complete the project. A lot of options flew through my mind either to use vanilla PHP, or some PHP Framework(Lumen, Laravel and Slim). I initially opted for vanilla-PHP because I wanted to avoid the unnecessary packages that comes with framework (Laravel) but then time is not on my side, so I had to switch to considering Lumen, Lumen on the other-side is actually more suitable for microservices, so I am left with slim.

I went through slim documentations online, but I don't have the patience to setup things as time is passing already. Again I looked at Laravel and Slim comparing both regarding their strengths and Weaknesses, and finally settled for Laravel.

All this went on for about 2hrs. Around 1am in the midnight I had the Laravel scaffold pulled to my PC and the race to beat time began. Laravel Migrations, Clean Controllers and Models really helped in making things beautiful, moreover the artisan command help eliminate the time to create necessary files, a single line artisan command is capable of generating a model, migration and a controller with necessary actions included. Isn't that beautiful?

Around 6AM in the morning the app was ready with all errors fixed and cash successfully delivered to my wallet.

It was indeed a night of pressure and fun. But thanks to laravel.

Next-Challenge => I am Looking at making the "app replica" with Vanilla-PHP.

Thanks for reading.

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