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14 days as a DevRel

It’s my first post, and I'm not quite in the medium yet - but I'm hoping for sure mercy on your behalf.


Let’s assume you could click on the post just to get a clue what ‘DevRel’ is all about.

DevRel covers a wide range of activities, but it’s a way to connect more directly with developers at its core. A quick summary is that traditional marketing and PR techniques don’t work well with developers.

If you write posts, provide quality answers and host informative events, you can better communicate and engage with developers along with making new friends 🥸.

function beMyFriend(name) {
  let nice_friend2have = 'cool';
  if (name != undefined) {
    console.log(`${name} is ${nice_friend2have} and we are friends now. I'm Emil btw :) `)
  } else {
    return `Let's try again..`
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DevRel position is increasingly vital as developers significantly influence business decisions in many fields.

So as the title says, I have been in a DevRel for 14 days now.
I think a little background on me will come in handy.

Twenty-four years old as of this writing. I have no past in programming and writing code, yet I got a chance to express my abilities and potential in my dream job.

It's my dream

You’ll probably ask yourself that “Why does this dude dream about a job being a DevRel?” - And even if you didn't think so, I will provide an answer anyway.

  • I’m in love with the idea of present & future technology. I want to become an integral part of it. In reality, it’s primarily possible with the knowledge of coding. The world is changing extremely fast in this decade.


  • I love people, love to interact, love to help and feel purpose in positively impacting others.


  • Feel the need to create content and value in any fantastic and engaging way.


  • Open-source, because from solid communities, amazing things and projects can grow.


  • And PEOPLE again. The opportunity to build meaningful relationships.


Back to the future


And that’s in a nutshell why DevRel is my dream job - it contains it all!


It's hard to define what I need to do at work right now, but I will still try to share because I think it can be fascinating.

My goal is to build a community of developers, bring value to all my readers and become a strong opinion voice.


So what do I want to achieve in the near future?

  • Learn A LOT (primarily JavaScript and its frameworks)
  • Contribute to open-source projects
  • Start diving into StackOverflow
  • Understand on expert-level the project I represent
  • Build my profile on the relevant social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Write a blog (Consistently)
  • Start a podcast
  • Run a community (in Discord, for example)
  • Help to build the company brand
  • Build my brand


In any case, there will be an exciting journey - feel free to join me :)

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Shai Almog

Welcome aboard!

Avocado Unicorn

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Thank you!


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