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Throughout the planet, gambling has become a standard source of entertainment and earning money. Different regions have different kind of style like casinos and putting money on playing cards. a bit like that in India, a sport was developed some decade ago, which still is popular in lower bourgeoisie as source of entertainment and money. Kalyan matka came into spotlight in 1992 in India’s trade hub Mumbai. Rattan khatri developed the Worli Matka and this game gained importance and recognition and efficiently attracted local people.

The difference between kalyan matka and satta matka is, Kalyan matka is played altogether 7 days of week while the satta matka is played only five days of week. The story of its penetration into bourgeoisie is interesting and went back to the times when the textile industry began to strengthen the roots in city of Mumbai. The poor workers of factories were introduced to the present game and eventually this game received massive popularity among the worker class of Mumbai city. In early Bollywood films, Satta Matka are often seen in many shots.

However, the beginning of this game also linked with cotton industry of Mumbai. In 1961, the Bombay cotton exchange was opened and closed the cotton exchange and within the same year Ny cotton exchange stopped the work with them. The people associated with satta were checking out other ways of playing this type of gambling and eventually Rattan khatri provided the thought of imaginary product’s opening and shutting. Matka may be a large earthenware port during which all pieces of papers with number are closed. The random paper is picked and therefore the concerned number owner is said winner. With the passage of your time, the numbers were collected from the cards and game called Satta. Matka king term is additionally important and may be seen at various forums. Actually, after the choice of random ticket, the winner of the matka is named Matka king.

All the trade centre was located near Mumbai and place had become the hub of Kalyan Matka. Form the last decade of 70 till 1990, the satta experienced the golden time of its history. within the decade of 90’s, the police personals have taken serous action against all the satta owners and that they were began from Mumbai.After the operation in Mumbai city, they organizers went into different states and began businesses there. Satta Matka is now less popular and therefore the game of chance is been shifted towards cricket gambling. consistent with an estimate, there have been 2000 Satta matka’s at that point. Some analyst also say that this game disturbed the social order of the town at that point when the poor workers began to put their daily earning into matka with the hope of winning the ticket and families had to suffer tons. The Satta Matka is now a past for Mumbai and other states. just some illegal centres are there but there's no popular hub like in 70’s.

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