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Discussion on: 17 Pro JavaScript tricks you didn't know

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Reinder • Edited

I actually believe it is never okay. Not even in small teams where everybody is on the same level. You don't write the code for yourself. You write it for the company you work for or for a client. Being clever is not what being a good developer is. Code should be readable, maintainable and self-explanatory.

It's like being smart. Using big words doesn't make you smart. Being able to translate what you know into something that anyone can understand, that's smart.

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Ivan Pozderac

When I think about it, I have to say that I completely agree with you.

While I'm comfortable to read 'PRO' code, I find myself writing readable code even in personal projects and stuff I'm just trying out that will never be seen by anyone else.

I guess it is a force of habit.

Clever code led us to having 'rockstar ninja developers' - writing 'PRO' code just to look clever and to confuse others to gain leverage and opportunity to explain something that shouldn't need explanation in the fist place.

You are 100% correct on this one!

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Rahul Author

I can see someone understanding me. Sigh of happiness finally