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Discussion on: Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome? 👽

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Daily. I find that I am constantly looking up stuff that I think I should know. There's always some issue where I'm staring at some file that's not behaving. It's not doing what I think is written out or I am not able to figure out what it's doing, just from reading the code.

How do I overcome this feeling? That's a tough one. I don't think I will ever overcome it, but I have learned to work with it. The way I get around it is realizing that it's ok not to know something. I always forget it, but there's always going to be something someone else knows that I do not. I've tricked myself into enjoying the knowledge of others. I love learning new things, and instead of beating myself up for not knowing how to do something, I incentivize myself by seeing things as an opportunity to enjoy someone else's content and have found communities that are constantly encouraging folks to try new things.