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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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Dariusz Więckiewicz • Edited

macOS is Unix based and share lot of similarities with Linux. Personally using macOS, Windows for work and Linux for devices like raspberry pi. I would like to hear good arguments why somebody telling you to move from macOS to Linux please. Personally I don’t see why you shall move.

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Here's a few:

  1. macOS has 400% more computer threats than even Windows as of this year. SOURCE: USA Today

  2. You're locked into an endless cycle of mandatory and semi-mandatory software upgrades that will eventually render your expensive hardware useless. Linux does not do this: you are in control.

  3. Just because macOS is POSIX doesn't mean it's transparent. It is incredibly opaque. Apple runs the show, especially within their controversial "walled garden" model. The Linux ecosystem, on the other hand, is built around transparency.

Apple itself really brings nothing to the table that the Linux ecosystem cannot provide.

If you want Linux-preinstalled hardware that sports the same level of quality and attention-to-detail that Apple used to be known for, see System76.

Otherwise, there are dozens of excellent Linux OSes that will run on nearly anything you already have or could otherwise buy. My favorite is Pop_OS!

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for your input. This is why I want to try Linux! I don't plan to have Linux as my main OS but if I like it, I will dual boot. I will definitely check out Pop_OS!