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Discussion on: 3 HTML tags you’ve never heard of or used before

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Igor Adamenko

I always use var in my projects for inlining programming variables. E.g. PostCSS API options in awsm.css are coded as dl with var entities as terms: It sounds like a proper semantic to me. It is not code, it's a tiny bit of it — a variable.

Also I use kbd in projects when I need to emphasize the fact that user should press some keys / buttons. E.g. buttons like Ctrl or USSD commands like *100#. First version of awsm.css had nice looking styles for it:, similar to those using. kbd is too specific to use it for somewhat else, so you can always style it without classes and rely on it.

But samp is too specific to use it everywhere, yep. Usually it's easier to use pre > code, just because people always show program output in terminal-style in their articles.

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Uriel Bitton Author

very interesting thanks 😊