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About me

Hi, This is basically an about me writing which i find really hard to do or say, whenever there's an opportunity for me to speak about myself, i hardly find the right words to use, this will serve as a diary and a notebook for everyone to know about me.
My name is Joel, iJ03L seems a bit cool so i go by that, i have other names but for certain reasons i'll leave those out for now. I consider myself a selfless individual that loves tidyness and completion (all in or never in as some would say) i'd rather not start a thing if i can't finish than start and leave it halfway, i believe in owning up to responsibility and yeah this is a standard i expect when working on a project with anyone. not so high a standard yk.

What i do

Photography: I started my whole life and figuring things out with photography and it's the best way and it's worth it, you get to be creative in freezing motion, the ultimate one of ones and there's this joy you get in pressing that trigger and with that i unlocked a level of creativity in me and i started designing and being creative with my photography. Photoshop is a great tool! play with it sometimes, with these there's no limit to the capabilities of your mind.

Tech: Ever since i was born i find technology exciting and i'd always want to be a partaker of change makers in the world through tech, then with the exposure from photography and the feeling of possibilities i started exploring and searching on how i'll break in and impact lives from the corner of my room with my device and yeah still figuring that out tho. And in all this years this are the areas of tech i've explored. Cyber Security, Python, Machine Learning, product building and at the moment in my second semester of the Cloud engineering course at Altschool africa. will say more on this on other post

Web3: I am excited when there's an upgrade in situations of things and an upgrade is always welcome but with Web3 it's a whole different technology everyone can benefit from and i like the fact that it levels the field and rewards active participation rather than power shift and a couple of people deciding the faith of humans
-Nothing: at times its better to do nothing and thats something. and examples of me doing nothing are taking a walk, watching movies, listening to songs(i love sad songs btw) and podcast(tech savvy) watch tiktok, play football and playing Games and also listening to peoples problems. i'm also a fan of a particular football club

I guess thats all about me.....hope you didn't sleep off reading that -_-

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