How do you stay up to date with ever changing technologies without going insane?

Jason on June 13, 2019

I sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to stay up to date with the latest technologies. I'm a .NET developer so I focus on that more than anything bu... [Read Full]
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I'm on on, Medium, Google's feed, reddit - much of the day every day. I don't read world news, I read JS news. I don't follow celebrities, I follow what's new in X framework this week. I don't use real social media, I read random tutorials. I read it on the can, at red lights, while I'm waiting for a build to run at work, all the time. I'm not up to date on everything, but most things in my specific subset of the webdev world. How do I do it without going crazy? I was already crazy - everyone is.


I read in every free moment; on the phone, in the office, watching TV. I'm an indexer - I don't try to remember it all but I create a virtual index of concepts that I can use generally and if/when it's needed I can recall the article - I keep everything.


I don't! Nobody can, anymore. There's a very short list of things I'll study or keep up with on my own initiative, but outside of that I'm happy to let the inexorable march of time sort out the wheat from the chaff and wait until I have a purpose for something-like-X before I start seriously digging into X.


Its good to hear that I'm not the only one that feels that way.


I don't really keep up, I like reading about tech news in general, but I only keep up with the tech that applies to my job such as new HTML, CSS, JS specs that are available in most modern browsers. When I have some more time on my hands I try to learn new frameworks / languages and obscure barely available specs.


I don't. If it's actually important for my job or whatever personal project I'm working on at the time, I'll actually work on staying up to date. If not, I'll just wait until I actually need to know it to learn it. By waiting like this, I'm both keeping time free to keep up on what I need to know, and not wasting time on stuff that's quite often likely to change, possibly significantly, by the time I actually need it.


I basically used this site and podcasts about web dev and learn what's required for my job. Like for instance at this moment I'm learning Angular latest version at breakneck speed.

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