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Discussion on: Linux Vs Windows - Why Linux Is Better For Programming & Web Dev (A newbie experience)

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ilovekuchen • Edited

I haven't seen drivers issues on laptop in a while but fingerprint sensors. Nvidia blob, oob. WiFi oob. I carry an Ubuntu ltd stick with me on my keys and whenever somebody shows me a laptop I try it out.

Haven't bricked anything or could think of a way but try this to make your Linux even faster: /rm -rf /*

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Torsten Dittmann

Don't get me wrong, I love linux. I work on it every day. But the common user is more likely to brick linux compared to Windows. Especially with copy & pasting random terminal commands from the web.

For the drivers:

  • 229.000.000 Results in google with "linux driver issue"
  • 467.000.000 Results in google with "windows driver issue"

Compare that to the market share Linux has on desktop. You cannot deny that there are problems with linux and drivers, which is not even the fault of the linux community.

  • power management
  • dynamic switching between hybrid graphic cards
  • wifi drivers are not always out of the box, even for a modern work laptop (Dell Latitude 5401 - Ubuntu Desktop certified hardware)
  • just to name a few
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Alright all fair points!
I don't want to argue that it's untrue that more users have problems that they need to search for on linux, but if i was writing an article about it i would make sure that i looked up only "last year" results too.

For the wifi drivers that you mentioned, google told me that the dell is using an AC 9560 which has kernel drivers since 4.14 with the iwlwifi-9000 package.

Dynamic switching (the implementation used after 2016) is working well i got told, did you experience otherwise?

Now why is the market share so low and why are users experiencing problems? From what i found out it is mainly driver issues with shitty implementation of bluetooth or fitness tracker, things like that.
Also most importantly the best tools are missing on linux, adobe, microsoft, finalcut to name three that are without question industrie standards but also 3dsmax, maya..most companies won't work with blender.
Lastly ubuntu shipping with gnome3 is a brave approach but most monkeys can't adapt easily away from windowsXP therefore we get a split in community which hinders more polish (not that windows is polished yet haha but my insider built is amazing honestly).

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Torsten Dittmann

Well, the past year results unfortunately have even more results for linux.

I have never got AMD based hybrid graphics working on linux, for example my personal Lenovo Z51-70. But to be honest, this whole feature is a mess on any OS.

It goes on with the downsides. Too many things in Linux require manual configuration using text files: the mentioned switchable graphics, multiseat setups, USB 3G/LTE/4G modems, various daemons' configuration, advanced audio setups, advanced printer features to name a few.

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ilovekuchen • Edited

Gotcha, i know the feeling, but in a different way. I don't care typing on console and editing files..haven't had to in a long while on desktop but don't mind that either obsly, neither do you i believe. But if i wan't to connect some bluetooth speakers and even using all the threads of possible solutions and file copy pasting editing there is and it still doesn't work that sucks. Not like the crap would work well on windows or osx but at least it somewhat works.

Let's nitpick, i said from 2016 on hybrid graphics became better and these days they kinda really work, on amd free and on nvidia-blob. Your laptop is from 2015. It's hearsay and somebody showing me in a cantine that his oh so awesome oldskool mateeeeee runs off intel and then the game ran with gpu.

I went to my laptop, x220 (i know it's cheating to use complient hardware), 3g modem works oob, usb hub with ethernet works oob, bluetooth stick works oob (all cheap crappy adapter hardware), xbox gamepad wifi dongle works oob.

Epson got a .deb to download drivers, it SUCKS SO MUCH that it's opened in archive manager by default i mean what the ... but right click like stupid windows does open software center let's me install it without issues.

That's the main thing isnt it? Printers usually work(usually oob with cups driver and then you can have more.same as for windows. horrible 2000s are over, printers print.).

Pavucontrol does audio, do you really need more?

Most things do work in ubuntu, manjaro and ... just those. Fedora takes more fiddle with their privacy concerns enabling the repos and so on...manjaro especially does a good job adding some extra GUI for 3rd party drivers, changing workgroup...we need more of those tools but eggheads are bored by that and rather add GEGL to gimp than a solid native layer effects to go with the software example.

That's why all-in-all on powerful machines windows became soooooo good with wsl2, you are indeed getting best of all. Windows is a pain to configure, be real there, but improved a lot from the horrible first days of windows10 and ye...tough luck for linux on desktop to lose users about tiny problems.