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re: Pass a Function[] and then all parameters as individual ‘Functions` and it works both ways, heed the wording. Correct! My mistake. First element ...

Learn from Kabir: "Uptil now, I thought that arguments and parameters were the same. But I just looked them up on the web again and understand the difference now. Shall correct it."

Your argument about arguments vs parameters is whatever. I know the difference, I learned it years ago as did most developers but the difference between you and I is that I accept language evolves and is used differently to how it is “standardised” every day. People are not technical books nor are they pedants about it like you seem to be. If people want to say one thing or another, so long as it is understood clearly by all parties, I couldn’t care less what terms they use and neither do most reasonable people.

“ Being correct and using terminology consistent with MDN” - sure thing, tell you what, I’ll just copy paste everything from there next time 😂

“Not covering fns[0] being an array, which is not a very good example to learn from or reference in an argument.“ - Firstly the code is covered on all branches and lines so I don’t care plus even if it wasn’t at 100% I’d be fine with 80%+, even in TDD the aim isn’t 100% coverage, you should know that being such a proficient reader of technical documents. Secondly I could add an example for illustration but I chose not to although I may change that stance in a future update if I do one.

“My aim is for programmers in general to be more professional. I think it will be a better world. Articles that people are supposed to learn from are the place to use correct terminology.“ - correct to you coming from a formal and standardised world but that’s not the world we live in and to be accessible to the most people possible, simple and understandable language used on the ground will always be preferable to me.

I’m finished with this conversation, I appreciate the comment but I’m finished talking about such pedantic things.

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