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I'm a Computer Science Student. After few years I want to be at a position where I can build products that I imagine.
As a CS Student, I see alot of technology around me. Lots of apps, products and many more that technology is capable of. So everytime there will be a new idea in me. But I'm not capable to build those ideas right away. So I would start exploring, trying to learn technologies related to that idea. But all the time I get lost. And then again a new idea. It's a loop.

But then I started looking at the beauty of our community. It's always inspiring. Lots of hands out there to help. So, now I'm here to take the help of those hands.
But not just taking help, but I love to show my process to other students or beginners out there looking for an example.

From this day, I will seek the help of the community to keep progressing and learning. And then I will post the knowledge I received.

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First of my kind. Learn.apply.repeat Consistency is the key.


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